Media Corruption: The General Election on 8th June 2017 will be an examination

media corruption

What role will the media corruption play in the upcoming general election?

media corruption

During the EU Referendum campaigns, the media treated the spectacle as a proxy Tory leadership battle and continued its campaign of undermining the Labour leadership by ignoring them. The result was a lack of coverage of the real implications of the outcomes and the public were denied the truthful reasons for the problems that were being blamed on the EU. The result was vacuous debate that skirted the issues, pandered to Tory internal politics, pandered to the interests of the wealthy donors funding Leave, and pandered to the interests of an ‘establishment’ who are dead set against having a party leader who would represent the interests of the 95%, not the 5%. Ultimately, the result was the Tories’ ‘brexit’.

If what we have witnessed since September 2015 is anything to go by, expect Jeremy Corbyn to be ridiculed, ignored, sidelined and smeared. Expect Theresa May to be soft-soaped and the failures of her and the Tories in government to be largely ignored or spun into successes.

The printed media will do their usual dross. The BBC will be the one to watch. Will it continue its bias of the past few years, lying to the public instead of serving our interests with a balanced, fair over view of the issues? I suspect that we will see the same bias trotted out that we have experienced since 2015. Seven weeks to unravel the consistent lies and Tory protecting spin of the past 19 months.

Labour can have the best campaign strategy but they won’t just be fighting the Tories, they’ll be fighting the media. An answer will be boots on the ground. Presumably, the Tories can’t repeat the election fraud? Can they? The ‘liberal’ media are as culpable for the Tories crimes, will they continue their complicity and enabling during the election campaigns? Britain’s lurch rightwards has taken place because of media corruption and complicity, will they have taken the lesson of Trump’s victory last year as a warning shot or will they blithely continue? My money’s on them continuing, their arrogance and entitlement too much for common sense to prevail.