What price credibility for the commentariat and is the answer to ‘tumbleweed’ them?

The Mainstream Media (MSM) or ‘old media’, broadcasters and print, the hacks, ‘journos’. What are they like eh?

From the perspective of someone ‘embroiled’ in the current machinations of the Labour “coup”, it has become abundantly clear that most of what I would have thought of as news reporting or journalism is nothing short of quite rubbish light entertainment. Most of what presents itself as serious political commentary has about as much gravitas as any of the content fronted (and created?) by Ant and Dec. Public relations for those agitating for the “coup” and propaganda against the current Labour leadership.

Peter Hitchens has written well on the media circle jerk that is political reporting and the level of desperation that has crept into the campaign to oust the current Labour leadership has been ramped up to such a degree because of its obvious failure to move votes against Corbyn. In fact, it is very obvious that the media bias has become so extreme and frenzied that the very credibility of the MSM commentariat has begun to crumble as they crash their wave of BS against the rock of support for the current Labour leadership.

At the end of yesterday’s Victoria Live the ‘undecided’ in the collected audience were asked to cross the floor to whichever camp whose arguments they had been most swayed by. The program had set up a media splash for the “coup”, as the ‘undecided’s were swept up to Smith’s side of the debate … but it didn’t go quite to plan. Despite all the usual dross being peddled by the “coup” being trotted out during the roast of Corbyn, despite the presenter steering the narrative against the supporters of the current leadership, the ‘undecided’s decided that they much rather preferred what Corbyn had to say.

Now, I’m not suggesting that those people were solely swayed by the arguments in the room, it is just as likely that the ‘undecided’s are intelligent people who have been paying some attention to the wider debate and were capable of putting the smears, lies, and deceit being used against the Labour leadership, the CLPs, and the party membership into context.

When people follow the debate and can see the deceit by the MSM for what it is then it is no wonder that they stop listening to the commentariat, they stop tuning in or buying the newspapers. Where now, people annoyed about the views being expressed by those considered the MSM will vent against them on social media, how long before people just start ignoring them? The MSM survives because it has an audience, commentariat survive because they can engage an audience, what happens when people exercise their freedom to disengage from being a part of that audience?

I don’t for one minute think the MSM or commentariat will give one or two hoots if supporters of the current Labour leadership stop being part of their audience but the more the general public become aware of the deceit and also walk away the more they’ll care. You can lie to the public for so long but, in the age of the internet, it won’t last forever.