Another Bozo is arrested in London for terror offences.

another bozo

Another bozo arrested in London and, you know what? I don’t care who these numbnuts are. I’m perfectly happy to know that some dillwad was arrested after not being able to harm anyone. I don’t need to see their face. I don’t need to know their name. I don’t even care what cause (or not) they were going to commit their crime in the name of. In fact, for future reference:

another bozo

Better informed people than myself say that the worst thing you can do is give these fisthumps what they desire most, publicity. So, please, can the media and the internet get their collective heads screwed on and give the incident precisely what it needs and no more? Let’s not see a repeat of the coverage afforded to the previous Westminster attack.

Let’s see if we can treat these criminals as we do most other criminals and place their crime at the bottom of the pile of our attention. I’m not saying we should stand down the police or the security services, let’s just let them get on with their jobs and let the justice system deal with the offenders. Let’s try and not give another bozo the celebrity they crave.

The only time I want to see a photo of an offender is when they are at large and I have to be vigilant for my own safety. Otherwise, I don’t want to see their faces. Likewise, I don’t need to know the ins and outs of their arrest. I don’t need to see CCTV footage, I don’t need to watch bystanders giving witness accounts to TV crews.

Can we just stop sensationalising these pissle dregs and maybe, just maybe, we’ll dissuade some of these bozos from copycat offences in the furture. A long shot but indulge me, not them.