General Election 2019

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The Beginning Of The End

After the shock Conservative majority win in 2015, an unintended opportunity presented itself to Britons, the opportunity to define a new direction for one of the main British political parties, Labour. 100,000s grasped the opportunity and elected a leader that they believed would best represent the direction that they felt politics should take to offer Britain a genuine choice. The public chose to move away from indulging the minority of people that had profited so heavily from the previous four decades but that abandoned millions of Britons to impoverished lives. More than that, the public could see the cynical harm being unnecessarily subjected on people as part of the Conservative LibDem coalition through the Austerity programme in Britain and wanted that to end.

For the many reasons people voted for Britain to leave the EU, chief among them are the communities that have been ‘left behind’. Left behind being a more palatable phrase than ‘abandoned’ or ‘sacrificed’, which would be far more honest descriptions (but we don’t expect much honesty from our media and the Conservatives are built on the deceit that the media afford them).

The Beginning Of The Beginning

From before he was elected as leader of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn began to face an uncoordinated campaign of smears, lies and deceit from opponents to the new direction his leadership threatened. This opposition came from within Labour and without. Labour’s own embittered internal faction, indulged under Tony Blair and with a sense of entitlement are every bit the equal of John Major’s “bastards”. Since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader the campaign that is focused against him has spiraled into an hysterical clawing for control. It is a wonder that he has managed to withstand the venom.

may's gamble

In 2017, Theresa May was advised that the public had been turned against the Labour Leadership so much that Labour would face an unprecedented defeat at the polls. Labour insiders advised that they would put in place strategies to undercut Labour in marginal seats and Scotland (likely from the same people who had undermined the two previous Labour leaders). The Conservative Party are festooned with factions who play at politics, as others might play board games, except they indulge their political fantasies in real life and subject the fallout of those fantasies on the rest of us.

The Conservative leadership saw an opportunity to claim the expected Labour defeat as a win for them and undercut the “bastards”. Theresa May dutifully proceeded to call an early General Election and launch the Conservative campaign squarely based on the false premise that voters would be choosing between her leadership of Britain into ‘brexit’ or the threat that a Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party posed. Done with the utter belief that a sizable majority would be inherited by the Conservatives when Labour collapsed at the polls.

Nothing Has Changed
Tory Manifesto Skulk

Britain rejected Theresa May and rescinded the Conservatives fraudulently acquired 2015 Parliamentary Majority. Having intended to stand down from the leadership of the Conservatives, and resign herself to the back benches before sloping off, David Cameron style, at her earliest convenience, Theresa May was instructed to stay where she was and tell Britain that nothing had changed.

2019 and, truly, nothing has changed.

The Conservative Party are riven by their indulged factions. Theresa May is still the leader that Britons instinctively knew was no good. The Conservatives have failed to salve their internal divisions sufficiently to produce a response to the Leave victory in the EU referendum that their own party can accept, let alone one that would be in the best interests of Britain.

Time To Change Everything

Britain requires the opportunity to return to the polls so that we can finish off the job we started in 2017. When voters read beyond the lies and smears, the current Labour leadership offer Britain not only a reasoned response to the outcome of the EU Referendum but an opportunity to address the schisms that contributed to 17 million people choosing to change our relationship with our European neighbours.

David Cameron pig

The Conservatives were ejected from government in 1997, instead of reforming, the “bastards” went into hibernation and were set free as David Cameron’s ego crashed the Conservatives into Downing Street on the shoulders of the naive Nick Clegg’s LibDem shoulders. Pet projects or their Long Term Economic Plan was ushered in through Austerity. Education and the NHS began to be dismantled. Welfare was placed into the same profitisation model that underpins Toryism. Riots on the streets of Britain followed. The Conservatives are fundamentally asset strippers, not nation builders, and they are incapable of fixing the problems that they cause.

The Conservative’s ‘brexit’ is just one example of the incapacity of the organisation, trading under the name of Conservative Party, to function as a political party, let alone a government. They were as corrupt in 1997 as 2017.

Nothing. Has. Changed.

corbyn's labour