Brexit Britain: To fear or not to fear?

Brexit is not the problem. Just as the EU was not the problem. The problem is that we have a party in government whose leadership were incapable of foreseeing the damage that a Brexit win could cause, who made no plans for a Brexit victory, and who are incapable of making critical decisions about Brexit now because of fears about the internal politics of their party (the same internal politics that saw Britain rushed into an EU Referendum). It’s the players, not the game. (some of my previously expressed thoughts)

It is said that, because of the complexity of the myriad issues involved, Theresa May cannot define Brexit but she also seems incapable, or unprepared because of internal party wranglings, to define what it would mean now if Britain decides to not Brexit. Even if Britain has a second EU Referendum and decides to Remain, it does not put the genie back in the bottle. Europe is facing a period of change and Brexit will be looked back upon as the trigger. Britain needs to define itself within Europe and it is clear that we do not have a government capable of doing that. There simply are not enough people of the caliber required in the Tories for them to make post Brexit victory Britain work. They cannot get the horse out of the paddock, let alone into the starting gate. The Tories are not at the races.

My original thinking on the post Brexit win was that all the parties should prepare their responses and that we should have a snap general election for the country to decide on what direction we take but I do not think that that will provide a sufficient answer. Whilst the incompetence of the Conservatives is embarrassingly plain to see, these past three months have shown that Labour also suffers from a dearth of genuine talent and will not inspire the nation that there are enough people of sufficient standing for the leadership to choose from to form a government capable of negotiating Britain’s future in Europe. I do not think that this is a time for party politics.

We should call a moratorium on party politics in Britain, what we need right now is to build a government who are capable of defining our future and that has to mean building one across party lines. Britain is faced with a problem that binary political thinking is not the answer for, so we need something else. I think most people in this country are aware that too many politicians only remain in place by the grace of ‘safe seats’ and this means that we have an inadequacy of political thinkers and an abundance of people with their noses in the trough. The gravity of the situation we now face requires more than a committee to address it. Granted, we need a leader who can provide sufficient vision to propose how to define how we move forward, so that will require an election, but then they need to be able to choose people to form a government, regardless of party affiliation.

Britain has had a vote for whether it wanted to remain in the EU and now it should have a vote on what sort of future it wants.