The polls have closed but no one is counting their chickens, even as the votes are counted.

Remember this tweet from Owen Smith:

Anyone ever work out what he meant? I guess most, including myself, presumed Smith was simply comparing himself with Bevan but was it actually a tweet to those waverers who were increasingly uncomfortable with the tactics of Team Smith and the outrageous purge of Labour members and the gutter that Team Smith was dragging Labour into? Was Smith’s team saying that no matter what their actions were, they were justified because ousting Corbyn was all important?

Now he is reported to be circulating this message:

Whilst it reads very much like the language of resignation it is not the apology that Labour deserves. The self-applauding tone is a desultory attempt to paper over the fissures of an appalling campaign. Firstly, Smith is no friend to the vast majority of the Labour party. Secondly, not only did the vast majority of the party not want the mess of these past three months, the majority of the party did not participate in the bruising activities, both were the sole purview and responsibility of Smith’s campaign. Thirdly, I’m not sure what relationship Smith has with ‘truth’ but it’s certainly not one that I recognise; so, no, the “contest” did not have to happen. The rest is just drivel that doesn’t warrant cross-examination.

Voting has closed and the result is already known but won’t be announced officially until Saturday. The universally accepted result is a Corbyn win. It was a Corbyn win three months ago. It was a Corbyn win a year ago and every day in between. Those trying to wrest control of Labour pressed for Corbyn’s resignation because they knew they could not defeat his mandate from Labour’s membership. Those trying to wrest control of the party knew they could not stand one of their own against Corbyn because they attracted less than 5% of party support last September and that support has waned to somewhere below 2% now.

Nobody believes that the outgoing NEC won’t attempt to continue to gerrymander the result, even now. A defence has already been mounted to protect the disgraced Labour Party General Secretary and moves to further gerrymander the NEC are already underway. There are plans to create opportunities during the upcoming conference to continue the attempts to corrupt Labour’s democracy. A shameful period in Labour’s history looks set to continue.

Laughably, Smith retweeted this article from Polly Toynbee:

Toynbee, who was a vocal supporter of the coup, now telling the ‘rebels’ to stop fussing over Corbyn and get back to what they should have actually been doing since the 24th June, even as the ‘rebels’ couldn’t make it any clearer that they will never give up on trying to rip control away from Labour’s leadership and members. You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up. Beyond comical.