All you need to know about ‘brexit’.


The Tories offered the public a vote on Britain’s membership of the EU without first researching the potential impact of the three possible outcomes; Leave, Remain, Hung.

The Tories were not expecting to win a majority in the 2015 election and expected that they could offload the responsibility for not holding the referendum on their coalition partners and the opposition.

The Tories made the offer to sate the long term Euro-skeptics (as they had been known up to some point during the EU ref campaigns) in their party and “swivel-eyed loons” among the electorate that had, or were believed would, split the Conservative vote with UKIP.

Having won a shock majority, the Tories still did not research the potential impact of the three possible outcomes of a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. The Tories viewed UKIP voting figures and presumed that this represented, or was as near as dammit, Leave’s support. The Tories expected an easy win for Remain. The Tories did no research to decide what the question should be for the referendum and wrote it on the back of a book of matches.


Not believing Leave had the remotest of chances of winning, the Tory party decided to treat the referendum as a proxy battle for the Tory leadership; David Cameron having already grown tired of the job and, wishing to get back to enjoying the fruits of his tax avoided assets, had already said he would be standing down as leader before the next election. The Tories proceeded to blithely campaign on whatever side of ‘in’ or ‘out’ they landed on and the media played along.

As the campaigns progressed, the sense that Leave had gained ground and was a credible result from the referendum began to emerge. Those Tories who had decided to jump ship to Leave saw this as fantastic, misinterpreting the rise in Leave as an indication of their own popularity. Such was their arrogance that they could not see the warning signs for what they actually were.

There was a window of opportunity, when David Cameron could have turned the tide on Leave and brought the true risk of a Leave victory to the public. In the closing days of the campaigns, when the Leave result had become a clear threat, David Cameron could have chosen to be honest with Britain and laid the Leave lies bare. Cameron could have repeated what Jeremy Corbyn had already said, that the EU was flawed but the wrongs that the Leave campaign were blaming on the EU were actually flaws of Britain’s politics. Cameron could have accepted that the hardships that so many people were feeling were actually as a result of decisions his government had made, not the EU. Cameron could have said that his party had made no plans for a Leave victory and had no actual research to show what the risks would be, that Britain would be trusting its future with a bunch of lazy irresponsible incompetents who had not conducted the most basic of research.

Sure, Britain would have been annoyed with the Tories. Likely, Britain would have settled on voting them out of government at the next general election but Britain would have at least gone to the polls for the EU referendum with a true picture of what they were voting on. Or, Cameron could have admitted his party’s mistake and cancelled the referendum. Both actions would have been immensely brave and that is why David Cameron did neither.

Leave won.

tory brexit

Britain responded.

The Tories panicked and they haven’t stopped.

What has followed that fateful result has exposed the Tories for exactly what they are; a lazy, arrogant, irresponsible, incompetent, entitled, self-serving, sleazy, deceitful, callous, cynical, small-minded, provincial, out-of their-depth, corrupt, bullying bunch of lying charlatans riddled with sex pests. The collusive media have worked overtime to provide the impression that all the parties are ‘at it’ but they’re really not. The Tories are unfit for government; many are unfit for any sort of political office at all.

‘brexit’ is symptomatic of the Tories’ capability in government, it is the best that can be expected from them because their interests conflict directly with the best interests of Britain. The Tories’ instincts are to protect themselves in power so that they can continue to transfer public wealth to privateers, who then transfer that wealth out of the British economy into offshore bank accounts. They are a simple organism and they are destroying Britain. There are very good reasons why the Tories wish to conduct ‘brexit’ without oversight by the public, there are very good reasons why they wish to conduct negotiations with our EU partners without public oversight, there are very good reasons why they wish to conduct trade talks in secret, and they are all centred on the Tories protecting Tory interests and hiding their failures from public scrutiny until it is to late to do anything about them.

The Tories lean heavily on their collusive relationship with the media, specifically because they cannot lean on their record in government. The media never ceases in telling us how rubbish Labour are or how dangerous Labour would be or what a threat Labour poses because it is trying its best to counter-balance the actual rubbishness, danger and threat of the Tories. Project fear just worked to turn round a winning Scottish independence movement, it failed in the EU referendum and it failed during the 2016 London Mayoral election but the Tories don’t have any other tactic with which to fight, other than scaremongering and, with ‘brexit, the offer of a blue passport (an offer not fulfilled before because of the ¬£millions it will cost, not because the EU stopped us from having whatever passport design we liked).

Yes, in 2018, Britain needs to stop the Tories ‘ ‘brexit’ before they do any more damage to this country but, more importantly, Britain needs the Tories out of government. The Tories have mismanaged ‘brexit’ from inception to today but it is not a special case. They have mismanaged it because they are incompetent in government. We do not need more referendums to bail the Tories out of one area of their incompetency, we need a general election so that we can bail Britain out of ALL the Tories’ incompetence. People have been conditioned by the media to not trust Labour (though we are always loathed to admit we are not making our own minds up on such things) but that is fine, vote LibDem, vote Green, vote SNP, vote Plaid Cymru, vote for an independent. The Conservative Party are a shambles because they haven’t needed to try. They rely on safe seats providing comfortable livings for indulged, entitled blow hards, whether in government or opposition. They are the least internally democratic of all the major parties and it is no wonder they hold Britain’s Parliamentary democracy in such contempt.

No other party is responsible for ‘brexit’ than the Tories, parties or persons telling you otherwise are lying. It really is that simple. When they do, you should ask yourself why. And demand a general election in 2018, not more referendums for cowards to hide behind.