Cumulative thought on press attempts to manipulate public opinion in Labour Leadership debacle in in wake of Chilcot

After Chilcot, it is an embarrassment for “Blairites” that they can no longer boast of Blair’s election success but it doesn’t stop them lusting after the same power that corrupted Blair. Democratic process and respecting the will of the people would have stayed Blair’s hand but he believed he knew better than the people, just as the likes of Kinnock and a handful of Labour MPs loyal to the neoliberal doctrine of Blair also believe they know better than the people. So assured are this handful of individuals in their rightness that they are prepared to disregard their democratic charter, lie to the public, and even denigrate their own party to pursue their devout beliefs; just as Blair did before them.

It is not that the neoliberal heirs to Blair’s doctrine hold a different view to their leadership or their party that is an issue, it is that they believe that they alone have the right to decide the actions and belief of the party. I am sure that it is coincidental that these firm held beliefs just so happen to tally with the interests of the likes Rupert Murdoch and other billionaires who like to satisfy their egos by exerting undemocratic and disproportionate political influence. A lot has certainly been threatened about wealthy donors to the Labour party withdrawing their funding or even setting up opposition Labour-esque parties.

So, the fight within Labour is one where one side respects and is checked by the democratic process of the party and the other seeks to pervert it. Labour MPs have fallen into line, for whatever mixed reasons, but they must take courage or allow their conscience to make a choice to stand for Labour as a democratic party.

The public have a responsibility too. The public should ask why 100,000s of people, just like themselves, are joining Labour to support Corbyn’s leadership. The press and a small number of politicians want them to think of those 100,000s as representing some “hard Left” faction, just as the same press and handful of politicians portrayed the millions who marched against the Iraq War as wrong or deluded.

(Originally written 08/07/2016)