Will the LibDems to join Tory cliff jumping?

Although we all already knew it, brexit is a disaster from beginning to end. Leaving the EU will be a costly mistake that will eventually get reversed but not before it has plunged Britain into a great depression. The Tories are still rent apart by the moronic ‘bastards’ that John Major warned of but even some of their number can see what an absolute turd sandwich they have served up. Any ideas of exploiting brexit for personal aggrandisement and gain have been brutally exposed and only electoral oblivion awaits them and their party.

The Tories are poison to British democracy and have been nothing short of ruinous to the British economy and the welfare of British citizens. The Tories are absolutely toxic yet the LibDems are countenancing returning to some form of power sharing. It is easy to see the advantage for the Tories in such a deal. The Tories can step away from the disastrous road they are currently hurtling down with brexit and they can shore up their voting position in the Commons to pass through the bread and butter policies that will continue their asset-stripping of decades of public investment. All done with the LibDems as convenient scapegoats at the next election (they imagine). But what’s in it for the LibDems?

The LibDems firmly believe that electoral salvation lies within curtailing brexit. Their delusional thinking casts them as saviours that the electorate will reward with bounty. So ignorant of public sentiment and desire for government change and change of policies, the LibDems do not understand that the repercussions of continued Tory government will negate any interest in what happens with brexit. The LibDems are planning to fuel the house fire until nothing is left but ashes, so that they can emerge from the soot holding the door keys that they have rescued.

The LibDems think that brexit is the big issue and are ignoring the fact that the Tories will continue to wreck the British economy, regardless of brexit. The Tories will continue to destroy the NHS and the public sector, regardless of brexit. The LibDems have missed the simple fact that Britain are waking up to what damage the Tories are doing and want them gone from government. That a figure and co-architect of austerity like Vince Cable can come back to the party and assume the leadership says all that anyone needs to know about the quality of MPs within the LibDems. If the person who lost Britain a £billion in the Royal Mail sell off can command the party, then they are as threadbare as the Tories when it comes to talent, something that will be brutally exposed in the next election. It also says a lot for the state of British politics that the major parties do not attract the calibre of people that represent the level of thought to lead us through the 21st Century.

Britain has a political system and a distribution of political power and influence that is not fit for purpose and that attracts dross. The ranks and files clogging up the political machinery serve party politics and reward the self-serving. Demonstrate your party loyalty and you will be rewarded. Party politics is no longer fit for purpose in governing Britain. We have a current government led by a person that was resolutely rejected by the electorate and a party whose slim majority was rescinded and yet they can shamble forth as if the election hadn’t taken place.

The correct political decision for the LibDems is to press for another general election; likely, the LibDems would make gains in seats where voters are tired of the fetid stench of this Tory leadership. What Britain needs to do is start a conversation about how we can define politics and what we expect of politicians in a way that serves us best, not the interests of the few it currently serves. The Tories are proving that British politics is currently played by shambolic, self-serving imbeciles and the LibDems have an opportunity to align themselves with those imbeciles or to attempt to get ahead of the curve and champion political and electoral reform. I suspect that, if the LibDems permit Cable the leadership of the party and they head in the direction being currently hinted at, electoral oblivion awaits the LibDems alongside the Conservative Party.