Stop making the eyes at me, I’ll stop making the eyes at you.

Another meaningless poll hits the shelves, placing Corbyn 62–38 over Smith but is it something supporters of Corbyn’s leadership should get excited about?


It’s a poll.

Some are saying that the poll is an indicator that those opposing Corbyn’s leadership could be faced with their worst case scenario of Corbyn’s leadership receiving an even greater mandate from the party than he did last year.

I say, it’s a poll and means next to nothing. So there’s some solace for them in that.

Can I also just say to those usurpers agitating to undermine the democratically elected leadership of the Labour party, you don’t attract support because people simply don’t like your politics. Your politics does not represent the average member of the party, it is based on an ideology that has approached its natural conclusion and increased injustice, poverty, anxiety (in the home and workplace), and inequality are its four horsemen. You did not put up a candidate to contest the leadership because you already know that you attract barely 5% of support in the party. You hope to ride the shirt tails of someone other than Corbyn back into power but it’s not going to happen. You think you hold the key to election success but your greatest (and only) playing card was that Tony Blair and New Labour won three elections on the bounce (by decreasing margins) but nobody will vote for a New Labour party now (not even if you brand it Labour Tomorrow … Tomorrow? The Sun will come out Tomorrow? — is that another clever little in-joke?). The hash you’ve made of the “coup” should be a clear demonstration to your fellow colleagues that you’re a pretty busted flush. Despite your media connections, you’re not controlling the narrative because you can’t get any traction beyond Corbyn bashing. Where’s your positive spin?

But it’s OK, wealthy donors will continue to pump their money into the zombie sect (and other political parties simultaneously — hedging their bets). If I were the LibDems I’d be starting to get a little worried, there could be some greedy eyes being cast over it and the LibDems don’t have the membership base to defend it that Labour has. When the usurpers jump, it will be tempting for the LibDems to embrace them and swell their MP numbers, which they’re perfectly free to do. They might just want to have a little think about the impact those jumping have had on Labour, consider how effective they really are, and weigh up the pros and cons of inviting such a mob into their party. Ticks can be a bugger.

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