The state of British politics, Britain’s opposition, and the decrepititude of Britain’s democracy.

For too long British politics has been dominated by the interests of a small wealthy clique and we have seen with the likes of Philip Green just what form of governance they have enjoyed. Government to facilitate a wealthy minority to accrue increasing wealth at the rest of our expenses is a failed ideology. Some may have thought that ‘trickle down’ economics was actually possible or desirable. Some may have thought that accumulation of wealth is a gauge of an individual’s capability, which can be applied to running all areas of public life. They are wrong. We have paid. Things must change. Labour offer that change. Those who have profited over the past four decades are paying to maintain their advantage and the status quo.

The 2017 general election is bound to be decided by many factors. Enough of the public may genuinely not understand the damage being purposefully executed by the Tories against them, Britain’s economy and its public services. I find that extraordinary but accept that some people are wholly reliant on information from a limited number of sources and do not exercise a critical examination of it.

Doctors are telling us that the Tories are wrecking the NHS. Teachers are telling us that the Tories are wrecking schools. Prison workers are telling us that the Tories are wrecking the justice system. Social care is collapsing. The UN has accused the Tories of committing human rights abuses against people with disabilities. The Red Cross are distributing food aid to families within Britain. The emergency services are warning of the potential impacts of successive cuts. Yet there are still people who think the Tories are doing an acceptable job, even despite doubling both national debt since 2010 and the wealth of the wealthiest 5%, simultaneously. But there are a lot of people who do not ally these facts with the Tories in government and, you would have to say that the media are responsible for that.

The British public have been conditioned since September 2015 to think of the current Labour leadership as a lost cause, worse than useless. History will cast its spotlight over this time and those within Labour, who have created this situation, will not be viewed kindly. A self-serving minority first thought they could bully Jeremy Corbyn swiftly from his role and then they thought they had more time to undermine him out of it. They have diminished Labour’s credibility with the public and their names will not quickly be forgotten for the disservice they have done Britain if their actions make the telling difference at the ballot boxes. I can only hope that the British public are more canny than the parasitical idiots have proven themselves to be.

Labour’s parasites thought they had more time, those that have enabled them with their silence thought they had more time, they were all wrong. The election is here, the opportunity to oust the most destructive of Tory governments is upon us and we must overcome the damage inflicted upon Labour by the arrogance and entitlement of so few people. It is the weakness of British politics that the situation within Labour is permitted. That a minority clique within Labour can exercise such a destructive influence purely because it is prepared to act as a fluffer to the egos of wealthy patrons says all that needs to be said on the reforms required to eradicate wealthy donors from stroking their political egos with the influence they can buy within British politics.

Britain needs to tackle political parties too eager to be compromised by a media too easily corrupted by media barons. When David Cameron, as Prime Minister, used his office to attempt to deceive the British public over benefiting from tax avoidance, Cameron should have been drummed out of office for such a blatant example of abusing his office for personal gain. Instead, the matter was brushed under the carpet, not treated as the outrageous corruption of British democracy that it represented. The undermining of the current Labour leadership is an attempt to homogenise the options the British public have for government, as they had with Tony Blair’s New Labour and the Tories; governments for the 5%, red or blue.

Theresa May has even said that she has called this election because of dissent within Parliament, exposing the skewed view of democracy held by the Tories due to the corruption of media complicity. The British public can have any government it likes, just as long as it represents the best interests of the 5%. That is not democracy.


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