Seeing No Evil, Hearing No Evil, & Not Speaking Out Against Evil: Labour’s conspiracy of silence.

The silence, I can hear it now.

It’s as if hundreds of thousands of voices within Labour suddenly cried out in anger and were suddenly silenced.

The silence of democratically elected members of parliament and media broadcasters and publishers bound in a conspiracy of silence.

The silence of an MP putting themselves forward as a leader of a political party on the grounds that they will make a better leader of the party than the incumbent but who has conspired with colleagues to deny members of the party their democratic freedoms and will not speak out against the injustice of existing and potential members being expelled, suspended and rejected.

The silence of the self-styled “inclusivity” candidate who is a conspirator in the exclusion of hundreds of thousands of members, old and new.

Silence so loud it is almost impossible to hear anything else.

Who hears anything Gordon Brown has to say anymore? Neil Kinnock?

Who hears the comments by resigned MPs on areas that used to be their Shadow Cabinet roles?

Resigned MPs, 172 then 171, who resigned their voices; who wants to hear them anymore? Who cares what they have to say? Who cares for MPs that have lost their voices, who hold their tongues?

Labour is suffering from silence but there are hundreds of thousands of party members who refuse to suffer in silence.

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