Seats on a Train: Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright.

Oh my very goshness, Jeremy Corbyn was on a train, gave up his seat for another passenger and someone in his team snapped and released a photo of him doing some work while sat on the floor. Pretty much everyone in the country and definitely anyone who commutes regularly into London knows the experience of a packed train and the appalling service we get from the rail companies, so a lot of sympathy and empathy for Corbyn.

… burttttttttt nooooooo!

Stop the press; the owner of the afore-unmentioned train operator has released footage that includes the very same Jeremy Corbyn Esq. walking past unoccupied reserved seats at a point during his journey, which proves that he was inferring a great big fat porky pie when he was photographed sitting upon the floor. Or something.

I don’t really care. I wasn’t that bothered by the original photo from Corbyn’s team, it probably took up less a tenth of a second of my day when I first breezed past it on twitter. Usain Bolt could run more than 10m in the amount of time the photo impacted upon my life. I will spend more time writing this piece than the impact of the original photo.

I don’t care and most rail users won’t much care either because it won’t make their journeys any more comfortable the next time they are equally put out by the poor service of rail operators. But it is a stick with which the increasingly pathetic and desperate anti-democracy drones in Labour can gain some coverage and beat Corbyn with. As much beating as wet lettuce can provide.

Will it be national news? Probably. If it is, the general public really should start to ask why.

Richard Branson, erstwhile generally publicly liked billionaire, has rather sunk his duck on this one. Kudos to him for tweeting it himself and not leaking it via some employee, but really? You’ve had someone pull up the footage, isolate Corbyn, and then tweeted about it. Is it because Corbyn has been clear that the rail services will be renationalised if he leads Labour into government? That seems to be a lot of what the twitterati presume. I don’t much care but find your actions unmistakably political in nature and, frankly, a bit mealy-mouthed. Lots criticise Branson and the amount of money that his companies have hoovered up from public spending but most have thought of Branson as one of the good guys. A sandal wearing billionaire who seemed less of a hatchet man than most imagine corporate vultures to be.

When did it all go wrong Mr Branson?

But I digress, we should all be foaming at the mouth with faux outrage because of a photo that represents most people’s experience of privatised rail services is still a photo that represents most peoples’ experience of privatised rail services.

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