Seats, Loots, and Heaves: Pander bare country

There are dark forces afoot in British politics. From the millionaires and billionaires that bought Brexit to the millionaires and billionaires who pay for Tory politics, to the millionaires and billionaires who are paying for the current Labour leadership “coup”. So it has always been.

Back in the good old days, the days before the Suffrage movement, politics was only for the rich, specifically men with the monopoly on wealth, a very small group of men who controlled a very obscenely (by my reckoning) disproportionate amount of wealth.

Side bar: wealth is something which a society produces, it is the wages that we spend and it is the money that we are taxed. Banks lend us promises and we pay them back with wealth. People that I would have previously described as ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ are more accurately people who monopolise wealth, who control a disproportionate quantity of wealth, they do not create wealth, they are not wealth generators. Societies generate wealth. Economies which permit small percentages of their population to control disproportionate amounts of wealth are built on a system that distributes society’s wealth disproportionately. Societies can choose to distribute wealth in many ways, it is not “natural” that wealth be distributed in any particular way, it is not inevitable, it is not led by imaginary “markets”, and manipulating the distribution of wealth can impact the quality of life of the population.

Back in the room: people with disproportionate wealth and their insidious influence on British politics.

Before the victories of Suffrage, Britain’s politics was decided by smoky men in bearded rooms, empires were won and lost and plebs like me didn’t need to worry my little head over such matters. Our high achievers were in charge and they knew what was best. They knew what was best because they were high achievers or someone in their family was at some point, which makes the them best at deciding such things as how best to make their lives better. Then women got involved and ruined it all by, incrementally, winning the right to vote for plebs like me to worry my little head over things.

But the men with disproportionate wealth weren’t done with being the best at deciding what is best.

Unnamed MPs, funded by unnamed sources, are plotting with an unread newspaper to hijack the Labour party. The romantic view would be to compare it with the good old days when financial sources backed privateers to sail the ocean blue, sailing under the ‘Black’, raiding Spanish doubloons but the reality is rather less romantic (as was the reality back in the good old days). Unelected people (most likely men) have a sense of entitlement that their opinions are mostest important because they are mostest important. So convinced and incensed by their rightness in their sense of entitlement that they are prepared to pay anyone who will pander to them. Some may even try to cut out the middle person by running for office themselves but aren’t always successful in that endeavor because sometimes the plebs make wrongs choices, like their apt to, reinforcing the importance that the entitled person be able to decide what’s best. The plebs are ruining Labour because they are not listening to the people who are best qualified to know best, so the best people who know what’s best want to buy the Labour party to save it from itself (and the plebs). There are MPs willing to sell it to them.

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