Scottish Independence: Theresa May to defy the will of the Scottish people?

Scottish Independence Sturgeon telling May

Theresa May saying that a second Scottish Independence Referendum is not convenient because the people of Scotland would be voting without a clear understanding of what they are voting for is a little too far beyond irony that even this lady had to laugh.

Scottish Independence Theresa May dry heaving

Headlines abound that Theresa May does not want Scotland to have a second referendum and has ‘blocked’ the proposal. Which is interesting because Scotland hasn’t proposed it yet. Holyrood have not yet voted on Section 30 and Scotland’s First Minister has not informed May that Scotland will be having the second Independence Referendum yet. So what has May blocked exactly?

Answer, nothing.

Gettae Theresa May

For all the current headlines, I will be interested to see what May actually does after Holyrood has voted and, if they do indeed vote for Section 30, Scotland’s First Minister has made the formal presenttion for the Section 30. If May then blocks the Scottish Independence referendum by denying the Section 30 then, I would expect, May’s government will be seeing the insides of the courts again. I would also expect Sturgeon to proceed with the referendum, sticking to the current timetable, and wait for the courts to catch up.

May’s arrogance today is precisely the arrogance that led the Tories into their #ToryElectionFraud scandal that threatens to tear their party into shreds (or not), it is precisely the same arrogance that led David Cameron to offer the referendumb on Britain’s membership of the EU. It is the same arrogance that saw Boris Johnson and imbecilic cohorts fighting the EU Referendumb campaigns as a proxy war for the Tory leadership. It is the same arrogance that ensured David Cameron did not consider a Leave victory was possible and made absolutely no plans for.

Scottish Independence or bust

Holyrood should vote Yes for Section 30 and Sturgeon should make the formal presentation. It is not for May to decide the timetable for the #IndyRef2, it is that same exclusionary arrogance that has led Scotland to this point. Constitutionally, I would suspect that May cannot deny the Section 30 petition or forestall it. may has tripped from one crisis to another in her exceedingly short time as prime minister and to attempt to block the Section 30 would be another misstep.

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