Scottish Independence For A’ That: Next time it’s Yes, and no mistake.

Scotland will vote Yes in the next IndyRef.


The Copeland by-election proved that, no matter how disastrous a Tory government is (and this Tory government is as disastrous as those that preceded it in living memory), English voters will be ruled by whatever odd thing makes them act against their own best interests, ignore all the facts that they are exposed to, and swallow the lies that are peddled about the Tories being better for the economy, despite crashing Britain’s economy over ‘brexit’ and trebling the national debt (even while they criminally slashed spending on the public), better for jobs, despite destroying working conditions, job security and wages (with plans to do worse once ‘brexit’ has been achieved), better for security and safety, despite decimating the Armed Forces and all the emergency services. In fact, there is not one single area of competency that the Tories could honestly boast of or claim. Despite all of that, English voters will still vote for them. Why?

Can it be simply that people (English voters) still haven’t figured out that the Tories are NOT the party of tax cuts, unless you are in the 5%. The Tories NEVER deliver NET tax cuts for ‘hard working people’.

But, if you’re in Scotland, who really cares? Let English Votes count for English Messes (EVEM) (or, when it comes to Trident, Misfires) and leave them to sort it out themselves.

I can’t honestly see any way that Scotland could be convinced that the betrayal of the first ‘No’ wouldn’t be repeated a second time round or that being a subject of the whims of Westminster will ever be preferable to being independent. The only thing that I can imagine that might give Scottish voters pause for thought would be fundamental revision of Britain’s politics that ensured Britain would never be subjected to a Tory government ever again. It might also not hurt if Scotland got to witness the imprisonment of Tory MPs involved in election fraud:

The Tories have been gerrymandering constituency boundaries to try ensure an easier passage into Downing Street at the next general election, just as they sought to disenfranchise voters with electoral registration changes before panicking when those changes preceded the EU referendumb and could well have cost Remain the victory and saw the Tories extending voter registration on the EU referendum to try and catch-up (yet another bungle by Cameron and his merry band of terminally short-sighted, arrogant, cut-price ‘Republican’, stupid band). The Tories are a parasitical political abomination unfit to govern, IMHO.

What if an early general election were called in the wake of Theresa May being unseated, which she almost certainly will be? What if Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, were to win a majority or lead a coalition government?

That might give reason for Scottish voters to pause for thought to see what reforms Corbyn could bring in. A 2018 Spring general election would also fit well with Sturgeon’s proposed Autumn 2018 IndyRef2 date. Corbyn represents change, however, if Corbyn is unseated then Westminster politics will have signaled that it is back to business as usual; the foxes calling the shots for the hen house. Scotland, vote Yes and free yourselves.

And there’s Corbyn’s early election manifesto; commitment to fundamental political reform so that no single party can ever again make such an utterly vandalous hack at government, without true oversight, making it up on the hoof, all while trying to corrupt the very structures that got them marginally elected. Never again should the arrogance of entitled and overly privileged half-wits play games with OUR lives for their own short-sighted gains, only to see them stand shame-faced after they have dropped the most humongous of bollocks.

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