Sack Theresa May: The only card left for the Tories to play

The Tories have U-turned on their manifesto in this election and they plan to sack Theresa May as leader as soon as is humanly possible. It is increasingly likely that May called the election because pressure over her incompetence was rising within the Tory party and her team could see the writing on the wall for a leadership challenge. It explains why, not only did her decision catch out her entire party but, her campaign was so ill-prepared, to the point that they didn’t even have a manifesto ready. May’s achievement during the election has been to expose herself to the public as a liar and a coward.

Theresa May has confirmed all of her critics correct during the campaign and, instead of shoring up her position of leader, May has handed her critics all the ammunition they needed to oust her. Win or lose, the Tory party will bring a leadership challenge against her and they will defeat her. Tory rank and file did not elect Theresa May as leader and they will have no qualms with voting for her opponent. I have said before that there were very good reasons why Theresa May had to stand for Tory leader unopposed and she has emphatically proved that point again and again.

sack theresa may

Having launched their campaign with the simple premise of “ignore everything else and vote for a strong and stable divine leader for brexit”, the Tory party’s election chances now rest squarely on public perception of whether Theresa May lives up to that self-aggrandised title and she has repeatedly and admirably proved that she does not. Theresa May is the weakest of links in the weakest of election campaigns and the reality is that it would actually be of benefit to the Tory party to make it clear to the public that May’s time as leader is about to come to an abrupt end.

It is ironic that the Tories best election strategy right now would be for them to turn, absolutely, on their current leader and sack Theresa May and reassure Conservative voters that she and her imbecilic team will have nothing to do with government or negotiating for brexit.

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