Rumours will abound: Attempts to politically influence

Rumours will abound during this election campaign. There is a current one that the Tories will replace Hammond as Chancellor if they win, with Amber Rudd as name in the frame to be the first female Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Rumours will abound HamRudd

Not a new rumour as such, just resurfaced.

Sounds like the Tories are casting around for a thing to give them some traction with voters. Shame their instinct isn’t to offer us governance in OUR best interests, instead of just seeking a trigger to garner votes so they can carry on reigning in their own. Unable to honestly campaign on their record in government, all the Tories have is lies, emboldened by the secure knowledge that the media will act complicity with them and not attempt to expose them for the liars and failures that they are.

rumours will abound mayho

A free and competent press would shred these Tories as easily as they did Andrea Leadsom but that was because Leadsom had forgotten her place and challenged Murdoch’s anointed one. May could not have won the leadership of the Tory party had she had to actually campaign for it, that is abundantly clear. It was required that she be unopposed and so the press obligingly made it so.

Labour offer policies that will turn Britain round from the Tories’ ruinous reign and heading in the direction of being a 21st Century country, not a 19th. In this age of Trump and ‘brexit’, is it possible for politics to be about the aspirations of policy, rather than jingoistic triggers?

So, rumours will abound, the Tories will focus on winning elections by seeking out knee-jerk reactions from voters and their quality of politicians will continue to be woeful because competence and capability are not the gauge against which they are measured. Complicit media cover for many sins.

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