Put Down Your Cappuccino And Write To Your MP, Opposing Tory Brexit

I must admit, my first reaction to reading this twitter exchange was to hit my head on my desk but what saved me was not knowing what part of the exchange would be the cause. On reflection, I agree that effective opposition is lacking. We have a Labour party that has been pulled at the seams by people from within and, whether you believe those people responsible are from the Hard Right or Hard Left, Labour is currently unfit to provide an effective opposition. This is a Labour MP:

and so is this:

It is a sorry state of affairs if people think that the LibDems offer any form of opposition, let alone hope. It is also not true. Hope does not lie with the LibDems, it lies within the Conservative Party itself. The only way that the current Tory mob can be held in check will be if a number of their own MPs make a stand for the Britain that the current Tory leadership are vandalising.

Even if Theresa May takes her plan to Parliament, without opposition from within her own party, the plan will be passed, regardless of how the rest of Parliament votes. Is opposition from with the Conservative Party likely? Speculative voices from Conservative ranks are suggesting that a government defeat over the plan would force an early general election. Would moderate Conservatives risk their place as party in power over the 12 point Mayhem?

Every person and their dog (poll) will tell you that Labour cannot win a general election under the current leadership but that doesn’t mean the Conservatives couldn’t lose. UKIP will be the big winner from a general election forced because of the rejection of May’s plan. UKIP could replace the LibDems as Britain’s fourth largest party in Parliament. UKIP will take seats from the Tories and, likely, from Labour. If the polls are proved correct, the outcome from a snap general election will see Britain governed by a UKIP/Conservative coalition.

A frightening proposition but, in truth, no different to what we are currently being subjected to.

Of course, people could wake up to reality and concentrate their votes away from the disaster of the Tories. The LibDems could take some Tory seats and we could see people who voted to leave the EU recognising that the Tories are making a shambles of it and voting Labour, not UKIP. But the entire thing is a mess. My objection to Leave was twofold; firstly, for all the reforms that the EU requires, British politics needs them first. Secondly, voting to Leave would entrust the terms of leaving to the Tories.

What should be clear to all of us post the EU Referendum is that we have not taken back control, we are not in the process of taking back control, and we are heading in the exact opposite direction of taking back control. We, the people, cast our votes and then have no means of recourse when our politicians do whatever they want, except to wait five years to vote them out and pray that the damage they are doing is not so great that it doesn’t hurt us for decades after. There is seemingly nothing we can do about the runaway train of Tory ‘Brexit’, apart from place our hope in there being a dozen or so moderate Conservative MPs who have values much like our own. What a state of affairs.

Lobby your MP, march on Westminster, occupy the streets, do all of those things but the government can still just ignore you. Trusting to hope with the LibDems will get you no where. If you’re part of the politico-media circus, however much on the periphery, then get yourself informed about the thing you’re opposing and use whatever access you have to apply whatever pressure you can, with the message ‘Anyone but the Tories or UKIP’. If you think the current Labour leadership’s handling of ‘Brexit’ would be worse than the current Tory plan or a future Tory/UKIP one, do you really? REALLY? And, to just be clear, there will be no other government than one involving the Tories unless there is one involving Labour.

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