Post Brexit Victory Britain: Have we ever been more out of control?

British politics is in crisis. It is fair to say that no major political party appears in a fit to form a government and the current Tory leadership are ably demonstrating that they are both unfit and not to be trusted with political decision making. Over the matter of Brexit, the Tories have resolutely demonstrated utter incompetence that verges on criminal negligence of duty. Preposterous plans for expanding grammar schools, devastating mismanagement of the NHS, the criminal repercussions of Austerity, and every other idiotic proposal being leaked from CCHQ has brought Britain to the point of requiring international humanitarian aid intervention. The current Tory leadership have abused the support of those with Conservative political leanings and have brought their own party into disrepute. Labour’s capability to offer the strong opposition that Britain needs has been undermined from within by the remnants of the condemned New Labour experiment and who could argue that that isn’t their intention, whatever the cost? The remaining peripheral parties like the Greens do not yet represent sufficient numbers to offer an organised alternative. Only the SNP offers a coherent, sizable, and cohesive base of opposition.

At this time of such constitutional magnitude, even Conservative MPs must acknowledge that the government are at sea and must be saved from themselves in the best interests of Britain.

The only rational answer to the crisis that Britain faces is the formation of a coalition government, bringing together the political spectrum of progressive voices from Labour, the SNP, the LibDems, the Greens, and the Conservatives. Talk of Parliament being excluded from the discussions of Post Brexit Britain is beyond farcical. That David Cameron and the Tory leadership should have defined Brexit before the EU Referendum goes without saying. This farce has to end now. David Cameron’s exiting the party should be seen as an opportunity for the Conservative party to look at its leadership anew and to step back from its extreme rightward lurching. Britain can’t afford to wait till 2020 before being able to jettison the current hapless leadership of the Conservatives.

A vote of no confidence in the current Tory government should not be difficult to raise in Westminster and then a formation of leading members from the representative parties should meet to discuss the way forward after suspending the current governments clusterfudge. All options should be on the table for discussion regarding Brexit and how the country begins to fix the damage that Cameron inflicted and how a Post Brexit Britain progresses.

Is it likely that such a progressive solution will be adopted? Well, of course not. What’s in it for the MPs who would be required to be onboard to make it happen? British democracy does not allow for British citizens to have any say in making such a thing happen but, then, if voters were respected co-producers of political decision making in this country we probably wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.

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