Politics, politics, politics (the Conservatives are appalling in government)

With the world awash with political musings and intrigue, and with 140 characters just not enough, I decided to record my prattlings that will likely get as little, if not less, attention here in the blogosphere.  So excited, that I overcooked my basmati rice [frowny face].

Todays political moves in the UK? Boris Johnson finally admitting that he’s going to run for election in the General election in 2015.

My thoughts?  Boris wants his hat in the ring for leadership if the Conservatives lose their hold of government in the next election and pass into opposition, which they should.  He would be an appalling Prime Minister but, possibly, just what the Conservatives need to begin the process of trying to get the electorate to forget that they are appalling in government.  Once in opposition, who would Boris face up against; Osbourne, May, and Gove?  As hated as they are by the public and the epitome of why the Conservatives are appalling in government, Osbourne and Gove would seem poor choices for leader, which only leaves May.  If the Conservatives choose Boris then they would appear to have no ambitions to win the following election and want to bank on Boris to run Miliband ragged at the dispatch box.  If they choose May then they will still not have a run at the following election but at least they will have signalled their intent to offer serious opposition until enough of the public have forgotten how appalling they are in government.

I suspect that the Conservatives will be no more than one election wonders because of the damage they do once in government and this current government have been no different.  Alarmingly, I also suspect that one of Gove’s legacies will be that future Conservative governments will have noted his stormtrooper tactics on Education and will see that as the blueprint if they are to push through enough measures to guide as much taxpayers’ money their way as possible.  True ‘smash and grab’ politics.  The fire sale that we’ve witnessed over the past year or so will be nothing to what we see the next time the electorate forget how appalling the Conservatives are in government.


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