An open letter to the British public regarding the 2017 election.

Theresa May is a terrible leader, it is the reason why she has been instructed to not participate in any leadership debates, but, judging by the media, she’s the cat’s whiskers. According to polls, she is the most popular leader since the 1970s yet she won’t attend any event where the public are present, ever. May won’t even speak to the press at the stage managed photo opportunities that she is being helicoptered between. Her standing within her own party is exceptionally shaky.

The Tories record in government over just these past two years alone is appalling yet, according to the media, the Tories are Strong and Stable. A party that has had two leaders since the last general election just two years ago. Strong and stable? The Tories called the early election because they feared their Parliamentary majority would vanish in the outcomes of criminal investigations into the Tory party and election fraud from 2015. Strong and stable?

The actual experience of the Tories in government, under both May and Cameron before her, is terrible but actual experience doesn’t chime with what we are told by the media. This same media have been telling us that the leader of the opposition is no good.

end Britain's demise again

David Cameron marched to the same drum of strong and stable and quit office a year after assuming the role of the first Tory in eighteen years to act as Prime Minister of a Tory government. I don’t know if that is a world record for shortest term as Prime Minister before being forced to quit office for incompetence but it must be close.

The ONLY factor that can return the Tories in government after the election on the 8th June 2017 is if the public have swallowed what they’ve been led to believe about the leadership of the opposition from the same media who have been lying about the capability of the Tories in government. The Tories can’t rely on a good record in government. They can’t even rely on a claim that they offer stability or that continuity is what Britain needs right now. The Tories can’t even rely on a charismatic, inspiring and inspired leadership. All the Tories can hope for is that the public are gullible enough to believe that the leader of the opposition is in some way worse than them and the ONLY evidence they have to support that is the testimony of a lying media.

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