Oi, Corbyn, you ain’t no wizard bruv!

I don’t really care that much about the things JK Rowling has to say about the Labour leadership voting, I don’t know if she’s commented on the disenfranchisement of so many Labour members. I get that she seems to believe that Corbyn is the worst thing since a very bad thing. I can’t make any ‘clever’ comparisons with the situation and characters or storylines in her Harry Potter books because I haven’t read them or seen the movies. I know the main character is Harry Potter, he’s a wizard, they play cribbage at his wizard school, Emma Watson plays a character in the movies, and there’s a half luggage trolley at Kings Cross station. I think there’s an owl in there somewhere. Did Richard Harris play a character in a Harry Potter movie or am I making that up or am I confusing him with Oliver Reed or was that Gladiator? I know that JK Rowling is probably the biggest selling author of all time, or something like that. She’s made a ton of money from her creation. Lots of people like her books.

I like the fact that JK Rowling is a Labour supporter. I have no idea where she gets her political views from or what informs them. From her tweets that appear in my Twitter timeline, her views about the current state of Labour are contrary to mine and appear locked in a golden age of Labour that, like most golden ages, never really existed. Frankie Boyle has done a very nice, typically acerbic, bit on his presumed take on Rowling’s societal viewpoint that, I believe, was in his EU Referendum show and advocated teaching children to quack.

I have no idea if Ms Rowling is still tweeting about the Labour leadership or if the continued flow into my Twitter timeline is stuff being regurgitated. I understand what her position is, I disagree with it, I file her tweets in the same file I have for the stuff that disinterests me. Through no fault of her own, her tweets keep appearing at a tiresome rate but I get why people feel incensed enough about her viewpoint to want to keep flailing against it. I’d just rather I didn’t have to wade through it all to read the stuff of interest to me.

Does Ms Rowling have anything useful or constructive to add to the Labour party, I have no idea but I don’t see why not. At a different time, I would have liked to have seen Eddie Izzard successful in his bid to take a role in Labour’s NEC but I may just be projecting his anarcho-comedic psychology onto a similarly anarcho-political viewpoint that may not exist. I presume Ms Rowling, as a writer, is a reader and a thinker, which could see her better qualified to challenge for the Labour leadership than Owen Smith or many others. But, I stress, that is not an endorsement of the idea, though I’m sure those seeking to usurp control of Labour from the current leadership, if they read this far, grasped eagerly at an idea with which to progress.

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