Not that it will affect today’s vote on Trident but, my thoughts.

Today our MPs will most likely vote to renew the Trident weapons system, committing British tax payers to a likely lifetime bill of around £300 billion and we, as the electorate, will have no say in the matter.

The country did not trust its politicians to act in our interests over our membership of the EU. Our politicians and media lied to us during the EU Referendum campaigns and they are being less than honest in the aftermath. Yet, for some reason we are trusting the same MPs and media to be honest to us over the justification for a Trident replacement.

“Yeah, I know we lied to you all those times but THIS time you can trust us. Honest.”

Can the Government tell us what the actual costs are?


Will the Government tell us who will profit from the replacement Trident program and by how many £millions they will profit by?


Will the Government tell us which MPs have stakes in companies who will gain contracts associated to the replacement Trident program?


Once British taxpayers are locked into contracts from which we cannot be extricated, will scandals emerge about conflicts of interests etc associated with current MPs?


(Originally written 18/07/2016 including link to other blog post )

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