No, You Aren’t Getting Your Country Back: Now go home and get your ****in’ shine box.

You know who I feel most sorry for in this whole ‘brexit’ fudge fest? Xenophobic racists.

I know, on the one hand it looks as if their prejudices are becoming normalised and mainstream but all that is actually happening is that the right wing politico-media circus are exploiting xenophobic racist prejudices for their own ends. What a betrayal.

The Tories are not going to reduce the numbers of foreigners from entering the UK, they’re not even going to reduce the number of non-white foreigners from entering the UK. In fact, it is likely those figures will rise and will be linked to future trade deals.

If you think xenophobic racists have it bad here then spare a thought for our cousins across the pond. Imagine their shock when the only walls that are built are the ones to protect Donald Trump from THEM.

Sure, there’ll be an increase in casual racism and bigotry but nothing more than superficial. Nothing society changing will take place.

Xenophobic racists have carried their oppressors into power on their shoulders, they just haven’t figured it out yet. There may be a few bones for them but those exploiting them will save all the meat for themselves.

What happens when the xenophobic racists wake up to the fact that they’re actually lumped in with all of society’s malcontents? They’re not even special.

I had always presumed that the people who should have been most upset by the coverage of Leave supporters were the majority who had been tarred with the same brush as the bigots but it turns out that it is really the bigots being taken for a ride.

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