My book and welcome to it: countering the current anti-opposition narrative.

Second Edition released 24th Feb 2017, available on kindle and paperback through Amazon and epub and kindle direct through an alternative portal at, which accepts Paypal payments, as well as the usual card payments. It’s my take on a potted blurb on some of what is shaking up UK politics right now. Hopefully it’ll provoke some thoughts and debate. Hopefully it provides a voice to the counter-narrative that hits the headlines whenever an opportunity arises to besmirch and undermine Britain’s opposition. If there’s a common theme raised when talking to people who have little interest in the internal politics of the Labour party, it is that they want an ‘effective’ opposition and their view of Labour is formed (though not exactly ‘informed’) by the media, including briefings against the party and its leadership from that small band of self-serving, self-advancing MPs sailing under a red flag of convenience, not opposition.

Outlining the importance of the upcoming by-elections in Copeland and Stoke and the role they play in the wider challenges that the current Labour leadership face now, will risk facing as a result of the elections, and why the they are likely a continuation of the struggle the Labour leadership have been engaged in against our entrenched ‘establishment’ for some time. All that and why, Labour voter or not, Leave voter or Remain, the results from Copeland and Stoke on the 23rd February could have a significant impact on deciding the fate of ‘brexit’ Britain.

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