Merry Christmas From The Tories: Another nail in their coffin

The latest self-hammered nail in the coffin of the Tory party is their rather pathetic and derisory attempt to create public sentiment for a ‘blue’ passport. Firstly, the passport that they are suggesting that we should be all misty-eyed over was ‘black’, not, by anyone’s definition ‘blue’. Secondly, the reason for the colour of our passport, like so much of the blame apportioned to EU interference in Britain’s politics and British lives, is a lie. We could have, now and before, any colour we liked. We changed the colour for whatever reason we did, and we haven’t changed it back because it will cost hundreds of £millions.

Returning to the colour. The colour associated with the Tory party is blue, the colour they wanted us to get misty-eyed over is blue. Coincidence? Of course not, not only were the Tories attempting to create fake public sentiment over the colour of a passport, but they also wanted to associate that fake sentiment with their party. After the atrocious week they’ve had, a ‘blue’ passport was the very best idea that CCHQ and their media collaborators could come up with to head into Christmas on a high note … and they even managed to completely screw that derisory idea up.

Thirdly, Britain is not defined by the colour of our passport or of such weak sentimentality. Britain, if anything, is defined by a sense of self-ridicule. Americans salute their flag, Britain has always had a far more laid-back sense of its nationality. People enjoy the last night of the Proms but there is an uncomfortableness over the pomposity of our pageantry. The Tories, with almost their every step, expose just what a narrow group of people that they target with their politics. They try to claim the ‘patriotic’ high ground by their actions are nothing but shamelessly self-serving and, tellingly, increasingly spent.

Merry Christmas

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