Leave of blogging absence.

Whilst British politics has charged ahead down the helter skelter of the Tories entrenching themselves into the quagmire of their own construction, dragging Britain down with them, I’ve been spending my time otherwise engaged. It’s likely my absence will run for more time yet.

What more can be said? We have a government of the least capable in our life times mismanaging a clusterfudge that is a product of their own incompetence and arrogance. Britain deserves better. The self-serving spivs occupying the government seats in Parliament aren’t fit to shine the benches they sit on. They were rejected by the country but persist. They are a party so absent of talent that risible figures like Rees-Mogg have become ‘hot tips’ for their party leadership.

When we ask just how bad can the state of talent in the Conservative Party be, they amicably provide a demonstration.

Britain requires a political renaissance but, sadly, I fear we are a very long way away from the provision of one and we will continue to be saddled with the current dross of a system that is unfit for the 21st Century and personnel still crowding around the political thinking of the 19th Century as if it is a brazier on a bitterly cold winters day. Our politico-media ‘class’ are the least among us, indulged by a system corrupted by cumulative advantage but in a position to reward itself and self-congratulate excessively beyond their achievements.

The worst prime minister since the previous worst prime minister of David Cameron continues to stumble and totter in a shambolic impersonation of a political leader whose ambition so grossly overshadows their ability and for whom no end to their political career can possibly be harsh enough. May deserves no sympathy and the trace of the smudge her tenure will leave on the annuls of history will be her bitterest legacy.

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