Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP for North West England is a liar and a disgrace.


Just yesterday somebody employed by UKIP released a statement to the media, taking the blame for having written lies on Paul Nuttall’s website claiming that he had lost close friends in the Hillsborough tragedy. It was a claim that had resided on Nuttall’s website since 2012, the employment history of the person that took the blame for Nuttall is unknown. You have to wonder if the writer for the BBC, who wrote the piece that includes the quote above, will also do the honorable thing and tender their resignation.

Nuttall is documented as having been lying about his connection to the Hillsborough tragedy for at least six and a half years. If he has lied in the media from before the BBC article above then I’m sure those instances will be uncovered too. A classic case of a liar not having a good enough memory and of a politician lacking even a shred of morality. Revelations of Nuttall’s lies have been mounting up since he stepped out of the relative comfort zone of the EU Parliament into the glare of Westminster. Discredited about claims he holds a doctorate in history, lying about having been a professional footballer, lying about his home address on his paperwork to stand in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election.

Nuttall hitched his wagon to British politics in 2002 when, as a Conservative Party candidate, he sought election onto the Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council and was defeated. Shrewdly switching to UKIP just two years later, Nuttall took just five more years before finding success and winning his position as an MEP. With the unexpected demise of his role in Europe imminent, Nuttall needs a new taxpayer funded role and the seat vacated by Tristram Hunt clearly appeared to be low hanging fruit, given the state Hunt has left Labour’s vote.

It is unimaginable that any other party leader would be able to remain in place after the disgraceful lie about the Hillsborough tragedy, and UKIP have quite a record of having to expel disgraced members, but will it stretch to their leader? Given that Nuttall is an MEP for North West England, it is hard to imagine that he should be permitted to retain his position as a representative for that region in the European Parliament either. Needless to say, one person was already convinced to act as fall person for Nuttall, efforts will be made to try and fudge over the entire matter of Nuttall’s dishonesty, lack of character, and lack of morality. A week away from the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election, the Tory/UKIP pact will hope they can brass neck it through to the finish line because it is unlikely that Nuttall has done anything illegal in his lying or his willingness to offload blame on to an innocent party. The lying about his home address on his paperwork to stand in the election should be another matter but is the government applying pressure to have that smoothed over as an ‘administrative’ error, as they have attempted to do with their own election fraud?

Nuttall has been caught out on numerous lies during the campaign for the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election but he has been telling the Hillsborough lie for at least six and a half years; who knows how long the lie about his PhD has been doing the rounds, given it was supposedly awarded in 2004. Has his entire political career been a tissue of lies? If he continues in politics, what does that say about the credibility and integrity of those he rubs shoulders with?

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