Labour’s vision for Britain is of the people, for the people.

Thursday’s election unequivocally proved that Labour’s current leadership have a vision for Britain that the public want to pursue, they have cut through the negative narrative that was engineered to thwart them and deny Britain an opposition and an alternative to the self-serving politics of the Tories that has sacrificed the interest of the British public. The 8th of June proves Corbyn can deliver a vision for Britain that reflects Britain’s aspirations and that Labour, with this vision, is electable.

corbyn's labour

Undoubtedly, Labour has some no-mark MPs who have contributed nothing towards Labour’s resurgence, who have contributed nothing towards the leadership’s vision, MPs who pitted themselves against the leadership and the membership and have been exposed as being out of touch with how Britain views the way forward. Some of those MPs on the periphery of Labour may well continue to cast themselves against the party and against the British public but the obstacle they present has already been surmounted.

Swathes of Britain have seen past the apocalyptic ravings of our media, seeing it for the unsubstantive lies of a desperate ‘establishment’ setting itself against the interests of the British public. Britain does not have to be denigrated by the Conservatives, slaves to their exploitation and paltry lack of vision and aspiration.

The 100,000s of people who joined Labour as members, empowered by Corbyn’s leadership, have driven Labour and forged a vision for Britain with the leader that they have defended against an onslaught from the ‘establishment’ for nearly two years. The message screamed from Thursday’s successes is that Corbyn’s vision is electable and Labour can win elections. Britain deserves better than the Tories are capable of delivering and it is tantalisingly within our reach. Certainly, nobody in Britain even recognises the vision that the Tories have of us that includes the politics of the DUP.

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