Labour’s current leadership, doing the best with the mess of a hand that the Tories have dealt us all.

The Supreme Court ruled today that Parliament did not concede responsibility for Britain’s membership of the EU to voters last June and the referendum did not bestow upon the Prime Minister any special powers that supersedes Parliaments sovereignty. If Parliament votes to not trigger Article 50 then it is not denying the British public their democratic rights, those rights were exercised on the 23rd June 2016 when a majority of voters who took part in the EU Referendum expressed their preference to leave the EU. The Labour leadership have been consistent in their position that they would respect the outcome of the referendum.

I am not advocating that Labour oppose triggering Article 50, the leadership should do as they are, which is to respect the outcome of the referendum and work to get the best deal for the people of Britain. They should also allow Labour MPs a free vote. Corbyn opposed Leave during the referendum campaign for much the same reasons as I did, he did not trust the Tories to act in our best interests and felt the EU was being used as a scapegoat for Tory crimes and blunders. A vote to Leave would give the Tories a free reign and opportunity to exploit the chaos of a situation that they lit the touch-paper for but were never the architects of and so it has been proven to be. As things stand, the Labour leadership are doing the best that could be done in a mess of Tory creation.

If things change, if an opportunity arises to do something different then I hope the Labour leadership do the best in that new circumstance too but we aren’t there, wherever there is, we’re here and this is the situation in front of us. The Tories cannot be defeated over triggering Article 50 unless Conservative MPs turn against them. That means that Britain will be triggering Article 50. Does that mean Britain will be leaving the EU? Does that mean there will be an EU to leave two years from March? Who knows.

Tory election fraud may finally catch up with them. Moderate Conservative MPs might be able to ignore their consciences no longer and turn against the sleaze and corruption of the current Tory leadership. The sleaze and corruption of the Tories may finally catch up with them. Anything could happen but those are not circumstances that the current Labour leadership face. Rupert Murdoch might die. 2017 could be mirror of 2016.

The cards that Labour have to play have been dealt and the game currently being played is to stop the Tories from exploiting the outcome of the EU Referendum to further exploit the people of Britain. So far so good.

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