Labour’s brexit exit strategy: 8th June 2017

Labour’s brexit position is clear, Labour will fight for the best deal for Britain, the best deal for Remainers or Leavers. Labour are the only party promising to do it. The Tories have committed themselves to a ‘brexit’ or (you) die strategy. The LibDems have flip-flopped their way to saying they are for a second EU Referendum.

labour's brexit

What unfolds from Britain’s negotiations with our EU neighbours over the next couple of years will be, in many ways, dictated by the outcome of the general election on the 8th June 2017. If the Tories win another majority then Britain will continue over the current the cliff. Scotland will vote Yes for independence.

If the LibDems are able to repeat their 2010 performance, taking seats from Labour and the Tories to give them the deciding vote in forming a coalition government, the LibDems will form that coalition with the Tories and Britain will get the same Tory ‘brexit’ but with a few token concessions. Scotland will also vote Yes for independence.

If Labour are able to hold their seats and take some from the Tories then Britain could have an opportunity for a coalition government led by Labour that will work with its coalition partners for the best deal for Britain. Britain will not risk a Tory ‘brexit’ but will have the opportunity to redefine our relationship with Europe and do so from a position that no longer has to heed the lies that defined the Leave campaign. Labour can offer Britain an inclusivity in the negotiations that could well give Scotland pause for thought over voting Yes for independence.

Vote Labour and Britain will negotiate its position in Europe with all the cards on the table and any outcome available. It would be an opportunity to work with the countries of the EU to redefine the relationships. Vote Tory or LibDem and you are committing Britain to a version of Tory ‘brexit’.

It’s that simple regarding Labour’s brexit.

The general election on the 8th June 2017 should be decided by the Tories’ performance (and failures) in government: the state of the NHS, Education, social care, the national debt, increasing impoverishment, wage suppression, rise in Zero hours contracts and other work instability, pension decimation, fraud, rise in suicides, rise in homelessness, rise in reliance on foodbanks, rise in household debt, rise in mental health issues for the young and most vulnerable, failure of mental health care, transport failure, failures with the prison service and justice system, systematic depletion of the emergency services and armed forces, economic mismanagement, and housing crisis.

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