Labour Wars III: The End of the Smith

It’s day three in the Labour leadership voting and the likelihood is that Owen Smith has already lost the election. Email ballots are being staggered to give extra time for Smith to try and sway voters (or to try and ensure the servers dealing with the leadership vote don’t overheat in the rush of people voting for Corbyn’s leadership) but sufficient votes will have been cast now for the writing to be on the wall.

We can expect the ‘dog whistle’ campaign to continue from those ostensibly aligned with Smith (though, in reality, they have already cut him adrift and are building for Coup2: The Reawakening). After stating that Britain should negotiate with ISIS, Smith has demonstrated his leadership qualities again by referring to Corbyn as a “lunatic”; on the day he also said he wanted to champion mental health. Though, I’m sure, we will still see hours dedicated to The Great Train Blubbery, if the ‘lunatic’ comment is mentioned at all it will almost surely be posited as a response to some ‘lunatic’ action by Corbyn. If you watch and believe the “news”, you’re being taken for a fool. We have been watching the demise of the BBC.

And there we are.

Smith has lost the election that he never had a chance of winning, those who have systematically been destroying the public perception of the Labour party by undermining it since 2007 will continue to do so because those who could stop them and who say they love the Labour party are too witless to do anything about it or too enamoured by the money of wealthy donors, and the press, including the BBC, have shrugged off any pretense that they are reporters of the news.


The Tories are going to scrap our human rights, are ploughing ahead with disastrously privatising the NHS, and are still wringing their hands over Brexit but haven’t yet worked out what it means. They also have their eyes on cutting pensions, selling off the Land Registry, and wish to destroy millions of records at Companies House which pertain to the business dealings and links to Tory ministers, obscuring potential conflicts of interest. The Tories also plan on having their Snoopers Deathstar fully operational soon and are eager to demonstrate its power. Enjoy your freedom of expression on the interwebs while you still have it. At some point soon we’ll be distracted by the Tories reversing the ban on fox hunting but it will be when they rip out the heart of workers’ rights legislation and protections that people will start sitting up and paying attention.

Be prepared for tightening your belt and showing some of that Dunkirk spirit. Brexit is tough on all of us but, together, we can make Britain great again. Yes, we’ll have to sacrifice all of our workers’ and human rights but it will be worth it to be great again. Not the 5% to 1% though, obviously, they’ll double their wealth again, but the rest of us will tighten our belts.

Or we can vote for a Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

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