Labour taking the final walk but to a new future or retreading the past?

And so, the end is near and now Labour faces the final curtain.

Into the last few days of one of the most ignoble episodes in Labour’s history but where are we? Hopefully the efforts by the wreckers to corrupt Labour’s democracy have not been successful and we see a fair result as the outcome of the leadership voting. With a second mandate, Corbyn’s leadership and, hopefully, with a reformed Labour party working with them they can begin to build for Britain’s future.

It is clear that, in Smith, Labour does not have a person with enough honour to concede defeat when he had lost and who chose to drag Labour through the filth of his campaign, seemingly, right up to the final day of voting, all whilst attempting to gerrymander the result. Shameful. From the IndyRef to Brexit, the British electorate have been screaming at the tops of their lungs that they are sick and tired of the sleaze and spin of Westminster politics. From Sadiq Khan’s victory in the London Mayoral election, people raised a fist against the dog whistle campaigning. Smith and those cowering in the shadows behind him clearly are bereft of any other way to do politics and it has stained Labour’s flag. If they think that the outcome justifies the means, then they just haven’t been listening and handing over Labour’s future to them would simply continue the defeats of 2010 and 2015.

The British press have been equally mired in the filth. They have revelled in the detritus being spewed from Smith’s campaign, like some rancid vampire slaking its thirst in the channels of an abattoir. Even, supposed, moderate Left voices within the media have been prepared to cast off any semblance of democracy and decency in their desire to see the back of what Project Corbyn offers Labour and Britain. Their disingenuousness or ignorance over what Corbyn’s leadership offers and why it is so popular has exposed them for the complacency which they have nestled into with too many years in their feathered nests. Their disconnect from the existences of the people whose opinions, hopes, and needs they so patronisingly dismiss could not be clearer. Too long in the comfort of their pseudo-socialism that they have missed that they have simply stopped seeing or hearing the communities that they profess to speak for. Far too long in the tooth.

What can we expect from this week? If it continues to parallel IndyRef, we can expect more of the same from Smith. More bile, more lies, more preaching with forked tongue, more debasement, more smears. Smith’s campaign has only ever been the worst of negative campaigning, what else do they have? Labour voters have a simple question to answer, is Labour that filth? Personally, I hope we see the same rejection of it that Londoners gave to Zac Goldsmith’s terrible mayoral campaign. I hope we see it crushed. As for Smith, patsy, fool, organ-grinder’s monkey, stalking horse, delusional lunatic, he is clearly not a man of substance and the parallels with David Cameron seem closer than any with Blair. Just my opinion but Labour does not need a cut price, low rent David Cameron as leader or MP.

For what is a man, what has he got?
 If not himself, then he has naught.
 To say the things he truly feels; 
 And not the words of one who kneels.

What is the legacy of Smith’s campaign? We can see it in the responses to the idea of ‘Momentum Kids’ and the level of ignorance and hostility surrounding Labour has been engendered by Smith’s campaign, in the same way the ignorance, as witnessed by the overt racism and violence, that hangs over Britain now is a result of the Brexit campaign. The ignorance and dishonesty of Smith’s campaign has been conducted without any consideration for the further reaching impact and these are the people trying to sell themselves as Labour’s future.

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