Just a few lines trying to make sense of the state of Labour politics.

I don’t care if Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour party, I didn’t vote for him in last year’s leadership election, but I have been very puzzled as to why he has faced such opposition from within Labour from day one of his leadership and I will vote for him as leader if there is a leadership challenge now. His greatest crime appears to be that he is a leader who refuses to make a deal with Rupert Murdoch or offer Murdoch concessions.

Many Labour MPs believe that, like Blair before him, the only way to a British general election victory and power is to have Murdoch on your side, they cannot imagine any other way to win an election, and are not prepared to fight to diminish Murdoch’s insidious influence on British democracy. They talk about it as ‘political expediency’ or ‘political reality’ and are prepared to make the ideological compromises that Murdoch demands.

Brexit is the latest and most devastating example of what happens when you pander to Murdoch’s whims, yet those in Labour on Murdoch’s payroll or who have subscribed to the doctrine of Murdoch have reacted by seeing the chaos of Brexit as an opportunity to oust the Murdoch neoliberal naysayer Corbyn.

This country is in chaos and if there is anything positive to take from the Brexit vote it is that it is proof that the people have no confidence that our government acts in our interests. A general election should be called and the parties should present this country with their proposals for how we move forward post Brexit. Murdoch is desperate that our next Prime Minister will not lock him out of Downing Street, hence the desperate bid over these past days to chase Corbyn away.

British democracy simply cannot afford continued attacks by those with extreme wealth and unhealthy influence and that is why I will support Corbyn in a leadership challenge right now.

(originally written 27/06/2016)

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