Jeremy Corbyn: The establishment’s ‘fiend’.

They Do Not Like Him…

It is fair to say that Britain’s ‘establishment’ does not want to give the British people the option to vote for a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party and, I expect, you would not find many representatives, apologists for, lickspittles to, hirelings of the ‘establishment’ who would disagree; though, the reasons they would give for that would revolve round the lie that Jeremy Corbyn would be bad for Britain.

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But people should ask themselves why, when one of the main tropes about Jeremy Corbyn is that he is unelectable, do they fear him being elected quite so much?

It’s an excellent question but, sadly, like so much around British politics, the public do not seek to inform themselves or challenge the glaring inconsistencies within the political narratives that are spun for them in and by the media. A headline states that Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead the country but the story contains no substantive evidence for such a headline. In an interview Stephen Hawking says Jeremy Corbyn should resign yet the interview is disjointed and there are gaps where there shouldn’t be, context and nuance is missing.

Newspaper Owners Do Not Want You To Vote For Jeremy Corbyn

If you asked me whether I believed the Labour Party is currently fit to form a British Government, I would say no. If you were reading this in the Times or any of the other usual media outlets then that sentence would be reported on its own, full stop, the end. I do not believe Labour is currently fit to form a Government because I believe those who have been undermining the party from within since 2007 are still at it and would continue at it even if Labour were in government. That element of the party have protected themselves by assuming positions within the party organisation that facilitates their protection. Because Labour is a democratic political party, the leadership cannot simply throw them out. Labour’s ‘wreckers’ use the party’s democracy against itself, even as they seek to destroy it.

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The public don’t care about Labour’s internal politics, rightly so. They should but they shouldn’t have to. But does that mean the public won’t vote against the Tories if the expected early general election is called? Simple answer, no.

If You Don’t Vote For Them, The Tories Can’t Win

The chance of the Tories winning a majority in the next general election is remote. The Tories won in 2015 because they gerrymandered voter registration in 2014, ultimately leading to the Remain defeat,  and systematically and fraudulently overspent on the campaign trail. And they lied. The Tories lied big. The result of the 2015 election was that David Cameron was forced to resign and the repercussions from 2015 have not finished yet due to the criminal investigations into #ToryElectionFraud.

2015 should have resulted in a hung Parliament and another coalition government because none of the parties represented an entity that a majority of the population could get behind. And that was before the disaster of the Tory ‘brexit’. An election in 2018 should be fought on the basic premise that Britain requires fundamental political reform. Britain should never again be subjected to a mob of politicians acting with the arrogance and entitlement of the Tories. The destructive, compromising and corrupting influence of Britain’s media must be challenged and broken. The very notion that a sitting MP could take on the role of editor of a publication is preposterous.

If You Vote For Them, Labour Can Win

Labour has it’s internal problems but they are as nothing when compared to what the Tories have done within the Conservative Party. For all of the idiocy of Labour’s ‘wreckers’ they are, at least, being kept off the tiller of the party, unlike the Conservative Party’s equivalent who have steered us towards the Tories’ ‘brexit’. Labour requires time to deal with its idiots but it was a battle the Conservative Party lost and look where we are now.

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The ‘establishment’ fear a Jeremy Corbyn led government because he will challenge the status quo and, just as his leadership are attempting to re-establish Labour as a democratic party acting in the interests of the people, putting the people, us, first would be the priority of a Corbyn led government. Not in the bullshit way that Leave was meant to but which hasn’t but in a very real sense. Labour could not stop the triggering of Article 50 but only Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will work with our European neighbours to reforge our relationship. Those who voted Leave were foolish to have entrusted our fate to the Tories but their action has undoubtedly presented Britain with an opportunity to come at our relationships within Europe afresh.

The Tories have made it clear that none of the purported reasons for voting to Leave the EU will be respected. None of the supposed problems with the EU were true. Right now, ‘brexit’ is both a Tory face-saving exercise and a chaos to be exploited at the expense of the us, the people of Britain.

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