Jeremy Corbyn: An unlikely Prime Minister

The public doesn’t look back as far as last Tuesday in politics but if they looked back to September 2015 they might ask why a section of the Labour party turned on Jeremy Corbyn before he’d spent a single day as leader of the Labour party. It’s a good question, I’m glad you asked.

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There are people associated with Labour who believe that you have to be in power to make change. Well, actually, everyone thinks that, what singles out these special cases within Labour are that they believe, absolutely, that the only way to power is by not frightening away people like Rupert Murdoch. If you get Murdoch on your side then you are heading in the right direction and you can have a reasonable stab at getting into power. It’s partially correct. If you get someone like Rupert Murdoch on side it will be for a couple of reasons. One, you are prepared to stroke his ego and make concessions to his political ‘thinking’ (which will mainly revolve around the ways in which your administration can make him more money and perpetuate his access to ‘power’). Two, you have captured the popular vote that Murdoch likes to use his media outlets to reflect, to give the illusion that he is somehow aligned with the popular consensus.

Labour’s ‘wreckers’ knew that Corbyn would not fluff Rupert Murdoch, would not be swayed by wealthy party donors who want their egos plumped and would act against the interests of people like Philip Green. For Labour’s ‘wreckers’, that is not how you conduct politics and it is not how you win power. It’s simple. You permit yourself to be bought off, you commit to trading tax payer wealth to privateers who, in turn, ensure your party is positively represented in the media, and you win elections. Bosh, bosh, bosh! Political pragmatism.

But that style of politics comes with a price (and I hope that the election on the 8th June 2017 bangs a nail in its coffin). Alastair Campbell has claimed that Blair was bullied by Murdoch into joining with Bush in the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq that was the launchpad for shocking years of conflict that we are still witnessing today. If the foundation of your political ideology is corruption then things can really only get worse. It’s not just that allowing undemocratic figures who don’t dwell within the real world to influence policy is a cataclysmicly bad idea, it is a sign that you have no belief in democracy and no sense of duty to the people who voted for you. In fact, you have dismissed those who have voted for you entirely and theirs are not the voices you listen to or consider when forming policy. You will regress into a mindset that believes that what is best for the wealthiest and most privileged in society will, somehow, be the best for society.

There are no shortage of ‘liberal’ celebrities who have weighed in to slag off the current Labour leadership. Putting aside the fact that they have been disrespecting 100,000s of British voters, tax payers, people like you and me, these celebrities have either blithely backed their own political ignorance, stroking their own egos, or they have disingenuously sought to deny Britain an opposition to the ruinous Tory government. It is hard to see much daylight between these people and someone like Rupert Murdoch or any of the other wealthy patrons who furnish political parties (and politicians) with money in exchange for proximity to power, tax payer wealth, and peerages.

I have seen nothing from the current Labour leadership to suggest that they would not be infinitely better for Britain than the Tory mob who have scorched our land since 2010. For all the name calling, I’ve yet to read a substantiated allegation against Jeremy Corbyn that would warrant him stepping away from the two mandates gifted him by the Labour membership to lead the party. Cast aside the innuendo and the attempts to damn by association and see if you can find a single accusation from anyone against him. I haven’t and I find that curious. If Jeremy Corbyn is such an abhorrent figure, why is nobody prepared to level an actual allegation against him? One of the first people to level some unfounded charges against Jeremy Corbyn was this idiot:

jeremy corbynSo let’s put aside the nonsense of Jeremy Corbyn as Public Enemy No 1, Britain’s Most Wanted, and look at the allegation that he’s just a rubbish leader. Putting aside just how empty that statement is, by what grounds has he been judged a rubbish leader? On the grounds that people who opposed his leadership before he had even begun in the role refuse to follow him? People who refuse to follow him because he won’t kowtow to the interests of a wealthy minority? The fact that a few celebrities have been suckered in by their politico pals doesn’t convince me Jeremy Corbyn’s a bad leader.

Corbyn may be no wizard but the British public have an opportunity to rewrite the rule book on political leadership and elect a government with a leadership answerable to the electorate, not the wealthy few.

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