It’s not just your fault that Britain is in this mess, idiots like you also think you should know what the government is doing about it.

So the folly of David Cameron continues to cost British taxpayers undisclosed and unlimited £billions; the Tories are bailing out their administration at our expense and for generations to come. On one hand, we have the narrative that the media sell us of benefit scroungers and their burden on ‘hard working taxpayers’ and then we have the reality.

Britain has two primary scroungers:

Firstly, we have the bankers and ‘industrialists’ or ‘entrepreneurs’ who use British taxpayers to either bail out their incompetences or who rely on guaranteed profits from the taxpayer purse, paid for “running” public services.

Secondly, we have a Tory government who are using taxpayers’ money to buy sympathetic or favorable headlines. There are idiots on BBC TV telling us that the problem with a government trying to bail itself out of a catastrophic situation of its own making using £billions of taxpayers’ money is that those same taxpayers have the temerity to expect to know what their money is being spent on and how much. The problem is not an imbecilic party, forming a vandalist government, wrecking the British economy and dragging the country back to the dark ages. No, the problem is democracy and people thinking that that gives them a right to know what is going on in their name and what their government are doing and what it costs. Another genius of the House of Lords strikes back.

On the same evening, we have the BBC, again, giving a voice to the alliance of tax avoiders, making their usual cooing noises about sympathy with benefit recipients being let down by public services. What public services need is ever more exposure to privateers so that their wisdom can trickle down into the sector and run things better for benefit recipients. Because that’s what motivates privateers, the quality of service to the public who want to access public services. Or, maybe, what they mean is to serve the ‘public’ who “pay” for the services. The name of the game is cutting public spending on the public so that taxes can be reduced for those who should be paying the most.

We haven’t even left the EU yet and the Tories are already planning greater cuts to public spending on the public whilst handing the £billions to private companies. It was the Tories’ inability to be honest about their responsibility for causing the pain communities suffer which led to people voting to leave the EU and now we have the same levels of dishonesty from the Tories costing us £billions because they are trying to hide just what an abysmal job they are making of running this country. All the while, media cronies collude with the charade and the British public haven’t displayed the good sense to turn on them. Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour continues as the lone voice apportioning blame where it actually belongs and making the cases that have to be made if Britain is going to turn this nightmare scenario around.

Britain cannot afford to continue indulging the morally, ethically, intellectually bankrupt and corrupted Tories or their complicit and compromising media patrons. Whether people like the idea of a Labour government should be immaterial when faced with the proposition of 3–4 more years of Tory blundering; Britain needs a new government. AND Michael Gove has wormed his way back into active government roles, THAT is how bad things are for the Tories, they have released the most toxic and despised politician of the modern era from the back stairs cupboard. Be afraid, be very afraid for Britain.

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