It suits today the weak and base, whose minds are fixed on pelf and place, to cringe before the…

There are Labour MPs who fear that they cannot sway voters in their constituencies to vote to get the current Tory leadership out of government.

The current Tory leadership.

Theresa May and chums.

They are not capable of convincing voters in their constituencies of voting out the Tories. The current Tories. The Tories wrecking this country. The Tories who are a pox on Great Britain. The Tories who are so lacking in discernible talent that Boris Johnson … yes, that Boris Johnson, can gain a senior cabinet position. The Tories who are considering a return of Michael Gove into the cabinet. Michael ‘The most toxic MP in the history of British politics’ Gove.

When Labour MPs are faced with an opposition of the current Tory leadership and they run up the white flag then you have to ask whether they should be or deserve to be allowed anywhere near a red one.

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