Islamic Terrorism, an unhelpful label for violence on British streets

Islamic Terrorism, it is unacceptable that we define a community by violence.

Britain has a problem with terrorism. Well, it’s problem with terrorism is that the majority of those who have participated in violent attacks that have been labeled as ‘Islamic terrorism’ are predominantly perpetrated by converts to Islam. Without question, our security services and police forces are acutely aware of where the threats to this country reside, in the minds of violent fantasists, socially unhinged individuals who suffer with some form of personality disorder or other. Unquestionably, there are such people from Islamic countries who are more than happy to incite, encourage and cheer-on any deranged thugs around the globe who pick up a Quran, a skull cap and change their name. A life time ago it was musicians adopting the Quran, changing their name and picking up their guitar or boxing legends. I don’t imagine Islam has changed in those few short decades but those attracted to it since the 11th September 2001 are violent thugs and social inadequates drawn to a very different flame.

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The demonising of Islam and the Muslim community with the label of Islamic Terrorism has certainly aided creating a focus for those who have, by whatever means, become disassociated from our societies. No doubt, those thugs who have their roots in the Islamic world have their own reasons for their societal dissolution. In the West we have a smattering of choices for such individuals. Football hooliganism used to be a safe place for socially dysfunctional individuals who felt compelled to express their inadequacies through casual violence and we still have some elements keeping that flame alive. Britain has its far right groups offering a home to the same social detritus that have assumed Muslim names. Add into that mix, and I do not say this lightly, those with mental health issues who, themselves, already suffer from demonisation, can find themselves swept towards acting out frustrations through aggression.

The label for the violence now defines the violence we suffer.

Societies have dysfunctional people and their social withdrawal happens for many reasons. The recourse to violence is never excusable. A great many people around the world ‘hate’ the West for lots of very justifiable reasons and very few of them are compelled to random violence as a salve. The Middle Eastern regimes that countries like Britain arm and train that have appalling human rights records against their own people and their neighbours have, unsurprisingly, created ‘terror’ mongers. Brutal regimes over generations have brutalised and dehumanised people within their own populations, populations that also contain the same types of people that join far right or football hooligan gangs in Britain. The abhorrency of those groups featured in the news is hardly a surprise.

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Violence in our society is not new. The demonising of Islam has become a self-fulfilling prophecy of exploitative media and politicians. It is not that the individuals who have been primarily responsible for ‘Islamic’ terrorism have committed their acts because they had a cause to act in the name of; they would have likely been violent and aggressive people without a flag to wave, in fact most already had history of such. The nature of the attacks has probably been influenced by what these attackers have become to believe someone like them should be perpetrating. Where a football hooligan will have a running battle along a street near a football ground, ‘terrorists’ define themselves by ‘acts of terror’. Our media and politicians have defined what these violent fantasists believe is the correct behaviour of someone like them.

So-called Islamic Terrorism

It is clear that it is not Muslims that Britain should be wary of but those people who have become devolved from society and who have adopted Islam as a flag of convenience for their violent aspirations. If I were a Muslim I’d be very wary of converts or ‘lapsed’ Muslims who have become reinvigorated with their ‘faith’. Those who consider themselves outcasts or self-define as demonised will be attracted to those organisations or communities that society demonises. Not demonising Muslims will not stop violence in our society but it will make us a better society. Violent people will be violent and the law will manage them as well as it can. Violent people borne out of the brutal foreign regimes a small group of individuals sell our support to are a whole load of separate issues but cutting off our support to those regimes would be a start. We won’t because of those individuals who currently make so much money from them. Meanwhile, we continue to pay a very high price.

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