Is Labour’s Right-Wing Walking Britain Towards Trump 2020?

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 the Republicans decided that they would refuse to work with him and would actively work against him at every turn, regardless of the cost to the American people. Nothing mattered as much to the Republicans than themselves and their desire to take back the reins of American political power and they were both emboldened and aided by the dominant right-wing media. The Republican’s success at both thwarting Obama was matched with their success at creating an increasingly ugly and divisive narrative and the culmination of that has been the election of Donald Trump and that emboldenment has been passed on to America’s hate-filled extremists.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party in 2015, Labour’s right-wing decided to adopt the exact same strategy of the Republicans and, as well as being supported by Britain’s right-wing media, they have managed to bring many of the supposed Left leaning media class with them. Just as the Republicans could not control where their ugly divisive narrative took them, neither has or will Labour’s right-wing and we are still witnessing supposed Left leaning media types who are simply too clever to see the woods for the trees. Left leaning journalists who are so clever that it seems they can’t admit to themselves that they have been naïve or hoodwinked and wrong. Let’s not forget that it was the same right-wing of Labour who undermined Ed Miliband, which gifted the Tories a majority government in 2015 and the bigger price for their goal of ousting Miliband has been the EU Referendum.

I wonder if there’s going to be a moment for those with public voices who align themselves with Labour but who have been undermining its electability with attacks on the current leadership realise the damage they have done and then admit they’ve been wrong, apologise, and try and make amends. Or will they just decide the damage is done so they need to just carry on and hope something better shakes out?

If they persist then, however clever they are, they are either cowardly idiots or they are cynical entryists, I leave it up to them to decide in which camp they fall but expect Labour’s right-wing to try and turn Trump’s victory in America into some form of proof that Labour should lurch rightward and that the rejection of the same old neoliberal politics of Clinton and Blair is actually a rallying cry to take that neoliberalism even further down the rabbit hole. The price to society will make Donald Trump look like Arch Bishop Tutu on Ecstasy.

The right-wing narrative has been winning because it is the dominant narrative of the media moguls, not because it is the dominant narrative of the people. Politicians who are not prepared to break the influence of the media manipulation are not serving the people. People keep harping back to 1930s Germany, our politicians are not listening and are sleepwalking us towards easily avoidable troubles but they think they have control of the situation, just like they did back in 1930s Europe. We need politics that breaks that complacency, breaks their naivety.

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