The Intolerance Of Theresa May And We Should All Be Afraid

In the wake of the London Bridge attack, Theresa May has despicably attempted to exploit her address as Prime Minister to distract from her own culpability in the recent attacks and to push the agenda in her election manifesto.

Theresa May used her speech to lay out a 4 point plan for tackling the issue of the attacks Britain is being subjected to and the cornerstone is government (Tory) control of access to the internet. May cites denying attackers a cyber space to coordinate their attacks and to be radicalised but fails to address the matter of denying potential attackers the physical space to plan and carry out attacks that requires correct Police staffing, an issue that May is personally culpable for given her tenure as Home Secretary oversaw 20,000 front line Police cuts, including over 1000 armed Police. May was warned repeatedly about the cuts.

May also fails to address the matter of denying attackers financial and ideological support because this support is linked to Middle Eastern regimes who the Tories have strong commercial and financial ties to.

britain's security TMS

May’s 4 point plan talks of communities but fails to address the impact on communities when British foreign policy includes the arming of regimes who bomb the families abroad of communities on these shores. It also fails to address the matter of Community Policing, which has been decimated due to May’s 20,000 Police cuts.

May speaks of too much tolerance of extremism within Britain, yet the community and family of the Manchester attacker repeatedly warned the security services of his extremism but, due to the absence of Community Police presence, the Police and security services were too stretched to gauge his threat.  Most damningly, the Manchester attacker is alleged to have been a recruit of the British security services under May’s tenure as Home Secretary to fight in David Cameron’s campaign in Libya to overthrow Colonel Qaddafi.

Theresa May wants to use the London Bridge attack to push forward with Tory plans to control access to the internet and to police it. Just as the Tories have gagged charities from speaking out against their domestic policies, the Tories are seeking to gag every single British internet user. Blogs like this will be outlawed and only the ‘truth’ that the Tories want the public to have will be permitted. It sounds like a plot from a James Bond movie but, in this case, it is a British political party that is the homicidal Dr Evil trying to dominate public thought and opinion and access to the truth.

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