Insanity is …

From the subpar to the ridiculous to the sublime, whatever it is that the Labour leadership “coup” has become it has truly taken a step off the edge. Rumblings to the press that if Corbyn wins a second mandate from the party membership they will vote for their own leader, begin legal proceedings to claim the right to trade under the Labour name and use the party resources as an alternative opposition party within Westminster. The increasingly desperate flailings of the insane.

We all know that these briefings are coming from a small bloc within the 171 and, has been proved this week, we all know that their legal proceedings will cost their millionaire donors a fortune and achieve nothing. Throwing a tantrum, declaring your entitlement, and having a wealthy person throw money at it is not grounds to get your own way. By what precedent does a departing faction have to claim ownership of the thing they are departing? But, to be fair, the party membership can vote on their claim if they like; Labour is a democratic party after all.

Surely now, the insanity has to stop. When the “plotters” were trying to wrest control of the party by bypassing the party’s democratic structures, the leadership and the membership invited a democratic challenge. It is clear the “plotters” have no interest in democracy and will never abide by the democratic will of the party. The NEC have a duty to protect the party and must now call time on the absurd goings on. Data protection offences, CLPs locked down during votes to support leadership candidates, party members locked out of CLP meetings, briefings against the party to the press. There are deals to be made in how Labour moves forward but the agitators have made their positions in Labour untenable, it is time for Labour’s ‘grandees’ to accept their duty at this time and get the party back on track.

The leadership and the membership are in accordance, the majority of the 171 are in accordance with the policies of the leadership and the will of the membership, those are the grounds to move forward.

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