IndyRef2: It’s happening, just when to be determined.

Scotland to have IndyRef2

As expected, the Scottish Parliament voted today to hold a second IndyRef2; the timing has been set at between the autumn of 2018 and spring of 2019. It should be held in September 2018, within 4 years and a Parliament term of the last referendum but events involving the Tories’ disastrous ‘brexit’ will play a part.

IndyRef2 Yes 2

Much was made of Theresa May refusing Scotland’s right to hold the referendum, we shall see how much weight actually rested on those headlines now that Holyrood has made its decision and IndyRef2 is a go. Will May attempt to deny Scotland its constitutional right and risk another humiliating defeat in the courts? It is not for May to decide if Scotland is to determine its own future and it is not for May to decide when that can occur (or how often).

Independence from the Tory ‘brexit’; would that we all could.

Most of Britain looks on at Scotland’s opportunity with envy. How much of the UK wishes it too could cut their ties to the ruinous politics and incompetence of the Tories and their heinous ‘brexit’? The matter of Scottish Independence is, of course, not connected to Scotland’s membership of the EU but its right to decide on that membership for itself; something the Supreme Court has thankfully made completely clear. No nation should be cast into such seismic turmoil on the whims of politicians over whom they have no influence. The Tories, in their arrogance, have ably demonstrated why no one should suffer a Tory government and, thankfully, Scotland have an option to sever such a vandalous relationship.

Is Scottish Independence a done deal? No, of course not, but the magnitude of political reform required to turn Yes to No just isn’t likely. Britain has suffered from a political caste who have worshiped at the altar of transferring public wealth to privateers since the 1980s, firstly under Thatcher’s ‘greed is good’ then Blair’s failed experiment with a social neoliberalism and on through the Tory Lib Dem coalition under Cameron who introduced the continuation of Thatcher with their Austerity program that has been condemned by the UN and led Britain to be a basket case reliant on aid from the Red Cross.

Scottish Independence has been a long time in the making.

The lie that stripping workers of their wages, job security, and pensions, in favour of offering individuals the opportunity to accumulate personal fortunes has cost Britain greatly. Labour have turned a corner under the current leadership, rightly rejecting Labour’s previous errors of supporting the Tory and Lib Dem crimes against the vulnerable and their economic illiteracy that has failed Britain. Unfortunately, Labour now suffers from offering resistance to those people who have profited from the financial corruption of the past four decades and teeters on the edge of control of the party being returned to those same people who failed Britain when Labour last formed a government.

I have talked before about the only rational outcome that could persuade Scottish voters to vote No instead of Yes this second time round will be a Westminster government that is built on political reform that guarantees the errors and crimes committed over the past four decades can never be repeated. The first indication of that change would be a government led by Corbyn’s Labour and the possibility for that is undeniably unlikely while the Labour party not only have to fight the lies and smears of a hostile press, including the bias of the BBC, but also a sect within Labour who are determined to undermine the party if it doesn’t represent the interests of those same wealthy individuals whose interests corrupted the party for a decade.

The future of the United Kingdom is in doubt.

I have said before that the view of Scottish Independence as a bad thing for the UK is wrong. IndyRef2 could lead to a re-imagined union between the current countries in the UK. Scottish Independence could be the best thing for a Labour party currently confused over its identity. Scottish Independence could have saved Britain from the current disaster of the Tories’ ‘brexit’. In fact, Scottish Independence could grant England a much required opportunity to take a good hard look at its politics and the people who govern them. Of course ProjectFear2.0 will be resumed in earnest by those who have grown used to exploiting their wealth and control of the media; they wielded that hammer for ‘brexit’ last year and they’ll wield it against IndyRef2.

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