In troubling times, spare a thought for the troubled.

In this troubled time for Labour it is sometimes easy to forget that the people who are standing across the barricades from you, the ordinary punters like you, are just people much like yourself. I don’t mean the paid or want to be paid or the political aspirants who are attached to the different, opposing, campaigns, I mean people like you or I who are just members of Labour. We all chose a side during the leadership campaigns dependent on which campaign made the most sense to us and, although I have my own strong views for thinking I have chosen the “correct” side, the truth is that either side could be wrong or correct or both at the same or different times. I feel that I, at the very least, chose a side that gives me a positive view of Labour’s future.

It must be sad being an Owen Smith “supporter”. Not because you expect your candidate to lose or because your candidate is Owen Smith (#Bantz) but because Smith does not offer hope. It is one of the few but often trotted out criticisms of Corbyn that he offers hope but not electability; it is an admission by Smith “supporters” that Smith does not offer hope. Isn’t that sad? We can disagree on whether Smith offers any more or less electability than Corbyn but what we all agree on is that Smith does not offer hope.

Labour’s (so called) Moderates, who are made up of Labour’s right wing and extreme right wing elements, have no hope to offer. Neither Saving Labour, Labour First, Progress, Labour Tomorrow, Future Labour, The People’s Front of Labour, Labour’s People’s Front, or People In Front Of Labour But Behind The Tories can field a campaign that offers hope for Labour supporters, members, or voters. We know that they cannot offer hope because they have not sought to counter Corbyn’s hope with hope but have, instead, chosen to try and put a pin in hope, have tried to cut hope’s legs out from under it.

Where Corbyn (the fool to hope) has laid out a future for Labour via policy proposals, Smith has laid into Corbyn (the fool to hope) via personal insults and lies about his character. Smith’s “supporters” have had to witness Smith’s displays and that is sad.

When Smith’s “supporters” finally get an opportunity to step back and view the damage done to Labour by a campaign that lacks hope they will be left with little but regret; regret for the opportunity and time wasted and regret that the ‘moderates’ that they thought they stood with were actually only Moderates in self-appointed name and the true moderates were facing them across the barricades. That’s sad so my thoughts are with them, even as I hope their candidate loses, and they should know that, despite everything, there are still hands extended across those same barricades, willing to break them down and to move forward.

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