In the wake of the High Court’s ruling, was the 2015 General Election won with an illegal pledge?

If you’re like me, someone who voted Remain but who accepted the EU Referendum result and scoffed at the hapless Tories for not declaring Article 50 once the initial dust had settled, the recent ruling by Britain’s legislators adds just another layer to the abject idiocracy of our current Tory government. It is quite clear now that the reason there was no swift declaration of Article 50 has not been because the Tories simply lacked any sort of plan for leaving the EU but that they had presented the country with a choice for which they had no legal authority to deliver.

David Cameron did not just make a pledge for the Tory party during the 2015 general election for something that he had no capability to fulfill but he made a pledge that he had no legal authority to offer.

David Cameron campaigned during the 2015 general election with an illegal proposal at the heart of his party’s campaign.

David Cameron led the Tory party to the polls in 2015 on the back of a lie that he could not legally fulfill, even if he wanted or was able to.

Never mind the Tory election expenses fraud for which they are being investigated (though, let us still very much mind that), David Cameron’s Conservative Party presented Britain with a pledge that was illegal.

BUT, pretend that you haven’t read that. Pretend that you aren’t making that rather short mental leap. The Tories, in their haste to shore up Tory votes, committed their party to a manifesto’d pledge that they could not legally deliver.

Now, you (and Conservative Party lawyers) will no doubt argue that the Tories simply pledged to deliver a referendum on Britain’s membership to the EU and did not pledge that they would honour its outcome. The referendum was “advisory” and, if that is the case, then the Tories should not be fighting an appeal against Britain’s judiciary.

It would seem quite clear that the Tory party have a choice. Respect British law and treat the result of the EU Referendum as advisory or admit they defrauded the British public during the 2015 general election and go to prison (well, it’s probably not quite that clear but something like it).

Let’s imagine for a moment that we had any semblance of a media who held the Tories to account (fanciful, I know), wouldn’t this meta-cosmic clusterfudge from conception to execution see the biggest bunch of spivs, shills, hucksters and charlatans drummed out of office, into the sea or prison?

It has always been my view that David Cameron offered the referendum purely as a way to grasp hold of Eurosceptic Conservative voters, and that he had absolutely no expectation that Leave could win or any desire or interest in leaving the EU. I had presumed that his legacy to Britain was gambling with Britain’s financial health and security and losing but his crime is far worse than that. David Cameron cynically proffered a choice to the British people that was, in every perspective, a lie. It is no wonder he ran from politics as soon as he could. The criminal culpability of David Cameron should not be underplayed or lost sight of; my hope is that our judiciary, along with the Crown Prosecution Service and Police can act independently and bring him to account because you can damned sure that the media won’t be holding the Tories to account.

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