If There Is Any Point To May’s 12 Point Brexit Plan, It Isn’t Clear

So there we have it, May’s Publicly Presentable Plan for Brexit. This is the Tory manifesto for leaving the EU. Do you agree? Well, hard cheese if you don’t because we have no say in this.

When the Tories decided to present Britain with a vote on EU membership then this plan should have been part and parcel of what people were voting for, it wasn’t, we weren’t, we didn’t. But let’s put that aside because it makes not a jot of difference, there are no constitutional means with which to hold the Tories responsible or accountable and that is the state of British Democracy. The only means of holding Theresa May and her mob accountable now is if around a dozen or so Conservative MPs resign the Tory whip and force a general election. I discussed back in October why I thought it may take Conservative moderates to step up and put Britain first, against their own party leadership, but will they demonstrate the courage that we can applaud?

If not, Britain is stuck with May’s 12 points and what a 12 points they are. Point 4) Maintain The Common Travel Area With Ireland is possibly the only point worthy of discussion because it actually addresses an issue that has an effect beyond the Tories’ Brexit Folly, affecting the N.I. peace treaty. Points 1,2,3,10 and 12 are meaningless. 6,7,8, and 11 already exist as is as members of the EU. 9 is unnecessary as members of the EU. And then we have point 5, the most important/contentious on the list.

5) Brexit Must Mean Control Of The Number Of People Who Come To Britain From Europe.

5 is what got us in this mess in the first place. 5 is the bedrock on which ‘Brexit’ is built. 5 is the fallacy that is the ring to rule all rings. Britain always had the capability to close our borders and resist the immigration of anyone if we reached a point where immigration, from anywhere, was a threat to British interests. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Britain could declare Article 50 at any time and used it after closing our borders if our EU partners complained about us doing so. ALL you have to do is believe that our politicians will act in our best interests … AND we do not. We do not believe that our politicians would have acted in our best interests if there was a genuine risk of Britain being overwhelmed by immigration from within the EU. So what have we done, we have chosen to place our entire legal protection in the hands of those people whom we do not trust to act in our best interests and, unremarkably, they are choosing to use the opportunity to act in THEIR own best interests. Who’d have thought? Well, actually, we did.

After the initial reaction to the victory of Leave voters, I have not blamed them for voting to Leave. We live in a democracy and people had a right to vote for a choice presented to them by their government. Jeremy Corbyn was clear in his many Remain campaign speeches that the Leave campaign were blaming the EU for the crimes and failings of Tory and New Labour governments, sadly, Corbyn was all but ignored by the media because, like David Cameron and his merry band of idiots, the media did not believe Leave could win and did not want to give Corbyn air time.

Now Britain is led by a weak Prime Minister who kowtows to the Tory Hard Right. A Prime Minister who tells us that there is no crisis within the NHS, as the NHS is crashing down about our ears.; a Prime Minister who could not sack Jeremy Hunt because he has friends in Sky places? A Prime Minister who is ‘planning’ to protect workers’ rights, just as her MPs are talking of stripping those rights and making the right to strike illegal.



The only interest that the current Tory leadership has is self-interest.

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