If Only….

If only in 2014 Scotland had voted Yes instead of No, British politics would have been defined by the dissolution of the Union and would never have become about Britain splitting from the EU.

The 2015 general election could have been fought on the grounds of the performance of the coalition government and their ideologically driven Austerity that we all should now know was built on a fallacy of necessity, not a reaction to any economic failings of the previous Labour government, and economically illiterate. The work of one of the worst Chancellors in British history. No chancellor has done so much long term damage to the British economy that wasn’t necessitated by World War. We should be forever grateful to ‘brexit’ for sparing us Osborne’s tenure as prime minister but just because he has proven to be absolute political dross don’t count him out on resurfacing.

Instead of bacon sandwiches (imagine, the British public were convinced by a bacon sandwich more than a shocking record in government) the electorate could have judged the coalition on their works and could have found them wanting. Instead of just punishing the LibDems for their inadequacies and, frankly, pointlessness in government, Britain could have thrown the sorry lot out of government.

If only.

If only New Labour’s dregs had known when their time had passed in 2007 and they had left the field with grace and their overly generous stipends from the public purse. If only they’d accepted their generous run was over and bowed out as winners (of a sort). They might not have undermined two successive Labour leaderships and cost Labour two elections. They might not have thrown away the opportunity for Labour to depose the current abysmal Tory government that is already on the last legs of the serfs they use to carry their sedan.

If only.

If only British politics could double flush its refuse we wouldn’t see faces like Peter Mandelson creeping out at us from the dark or disgraced Liam Fox banging the drum for Empire 2.0. The path to the Lords is strewn with the detritus of political cadres long since dead but unburied and it certainly seems that, for dross like Fox, the backbenches are safe places to continue political careers that should probably have been neatly severed by prison sentences.

If only.

If only we had second chances.

Scotland does.

Scotland can put right the wrong of 2014 and, with it, Britain can look at itself afresh. We are not better together, not like this, not with British politics in the state it has been dragged down to by the interference of wealthy individuals who sate their egos and exercise their economic power for their personal gain, even as that power is derived from exploiting corrupted politicians diverting public wealth and investment their way. Being awarded virtual monopolies with which to derive personal fortunes is not a reflection of great business savvy but the exploitation of the greed of political weather vanes that will blow whoever will pay for the tune.

With a call for a second Scottish Independence Referendum, Scotland can step outside of the political games of Theresa May and her Tory cohort. May will be faced with a simple choice, continue to blunder forward with her Daily Mail endorsed ‘brexit’ of the Valkyries, making up British government policy on the hoof and the back of a matchbox and the front page of the Sun (#dontbuythesun) or she can admit that she wandered into the room when her dad was being interviewed for the BBC and what has followed has all been some terrible misunderstanding.

If only.

The last IndyRef was defined by Project Fear and the collective fear of Westminster and the unknown. Project Fear 2.0 will resurface, no one is naive enough to think that it won’t, to think we’ll have a rational debate, but Project Fear shot its bolt last time round and we’ve all seen the Tory reaction to ‘No’, ‘brexit’. For those who want to define Scottish Independence by ‘nationalism’ or the SNP displays either a distinct lack of understanding of Scottish politics or a willingness to try and rouse the sort of ignorant debate that has taken hold of British politics in the wake of No’s victory in 2014. Not the intention of No voters but the corruption of broken British politics and the arrogance of the ignoble spivs, shills and hucksters that plague it.

If only you had a chance to turn back the clock and say Yes … soon you will.

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