I worry for the British media

Back in October I expressed my concern for the state of British politics, in light of the ignorance surrounding the Tory party conference; sadly, my concern for British politics has only worsened. For those who ask why Labour under Corbyn don’t have a media strategy or don’t have policies or don’t have responses to the Tories’ lack of plans for responding to Britain’s decision to leave the EU, can I politely suggest that you follow Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party on twitter because there are answers for all your questions on there. You could also visit Labour’s website and get information from there too.

You see, Labour and Corbyn are trying to respond to your concerns and interests but the majority of the media choose to ignore Corbyn, as they did during the EU Referendum campaigns and it is why you probably don’t know how badly Theresa May has been doing during Prime Minister’s Questions and how well Jeremy Corbyn has been doing, you probably aren’t aware of Labour’s campaign fighting for the survival of the NHS. Britain lacks effective mainstream media oversight of the government.

You might be aware of concerns about the rise of right wing politics, both in the UK and abroad, and our media are complicit in creating the conditions in which such extremists flourish. Partially though ignorance and partially intentional fostering of hatred, the British media isolate moderate voices such as those represented by Corbyn’s Labour, whilst giving platforms to the right wings of Labour and the Tories/UKIP. Whilst the mainstream media are pointing fingers of blame outward for Trump and the racists who aligned themselves with ‘Brexit’ they have conveniently overlooked their own explicit roles in their rise. Included in that finger pointing are accusations that non-mainstream media is to blame for the problems that have been actively stoked by Britain’s right wing mainstream media and which have been unchallenged by Britain’s left/moderate mainstream media because they could not see that their attacks on Corbyn and their decision to silence him publicly conceded the center ground to those of the right.

Britain is being under-served by its mainstream media and downright failed by its public service broadcaster.

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