I voted Remain, if we get EURef2 I’d vote it again.

Either there’s an option to have another EURef or there’s not.

Either there’s an option for Parliament to vote on it or there’s not.

Either we’re out or we’re not.

Either we’re activating article 50 or we’re not.

Just get on with something.

If the Tories are not going to give us a snap general election, then they should activate article 50 now. The current government has gone to the people and asked us if we want to leave the EU and we have said ‘Yes’, so they are honour bound (or whatever Tory politicians have that vaguely resembles honour) to get on with it; activate article 50 now and get the clock ticking, Now. Not some faff time done the road. Now. You asked, we answered, get on with what you’ve been told to do by your electorate. Stop viewing the British public with such contempt.

If the Tories don’t want to activate article 50 now then we’ll be the judge of you, call a snap general election. Now. You can sort out your leadership problems in your own time. You appear to have learned nothing from what the electorate told you in the EURef. You didn’t listen when Scotland told in the IndyRef.

Labour have been forced to call in the reserves to fill their front bench. Sadly, like Boris Johnson running off with his tail between his legs, others in Labour think they have more important things to do than represent the people of Britain in opposition. Fine. In Britain’s ‘hour of need’ you’ve been found lacking. You’ve deselected yourselves, Britain will just have to muddle on without you.

David Cameron is still some sort of Prime Minister (even if he’s always been subprime), he promised the referendum, he delivered the referendum, now he can drop the flag on article 50 or he can call a snap general election. Those are his two options so get on with it.

(Originally written 01/07/2016)

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